Programs Rating Scale

What is a Gapforce Adventure-O-Meter?

Program Adventure-O-Meter's are our way of letting you know how Adventurous we believe our programs to be.  

Programs at Gapforce vary drastically.  From homestays to sailboats; Volunteering at animal rescue centers to surfing Caribbean waves; Jungle survival training to strolling European streets- we have a program to fit your unique travel style.

Physical Challenge

Is your ideal vacation chilling on the beach, trekking up a mountain or learning jungle survival skills in the rainforest? Each program will have its unique set of physical challenges. 

  • 1 circle. Get ready to relax. On these trips, you won't need to worry about doing anything physically demanding, unless of course you want to.
  • 2 circles. Some easy physical activities are included. However, no physical preparation is required to make the most of the journey.
  • 3 circles. This trip will raise your heartbeat. Moderate physical activities are included and a good level of fitness is required.
  • 4 circles. Prepare yourself for strenuous physical activity. The fitter you are, the more you'll enjoy it, as most activities will be challenging.
  • 5 circles. Get ready for a heart-pumping adventure with plenty of challenges and some extreme conditions. It is highly recommend to physically prepare with conditioning exercises before your trip, as difficult activities are included.

Comfort Level 

Whether your adventure requires creature comforts or just the bare essentials, we have an accommodation style to match your needs.

  • 1 circle. Bare bones essentials. Expect camping most nights with some potential hotel/hostel stays throughout.  You will be staying in mainly remote locations, with a necessity for rationing supplies.  
  • 2 circles. You are going to camp! Your hair will be frizzy and clothes muddy. Yet, accommodations will vary drastically throughout your program from city-centered hostels to remote camp locations. 
  • 3 circles. Simple and clean hotels/hostels are in your future. Your trip may also include exotic accommodation spaces such as sailboats, tea houses, or rainforest eco-lodges. Expect a few overnight bus or train rides, as you travel from city to city. 
  • 4 circles. Your trip is located in one accommodation space. From homestay's to volunteer facilities and summer-camp-like cabins. You may or may not hold responsibility for daily chores.  
  • 5 circles. Shared, simple and clean hotels and hostels in the heart of major cities. You will have ample access to creature comforts throughout the trip. 


From major cities with ample access to WIFI and latte's, to remote camp's where sustainable rationing skills are put to practice. How removed from the well-worn track are you looking to be? 

  • 1 circle. The hustle and bustle of major cities is for you. Ample access to all city offerings are at your finger tips throughout this trip. 
  • 2 circles. Day trips out of the city. Most of this trip is located in the heart of the city action, but you will venture away from the hustle and bustle for included adventure activities.
  • 3 circles. Half and Half. You will equally spend time in major cities and remote locations throughout your trip.  
  • 4 circles. Who needs wifi anyways? You will make an appearance into large cities, but most of this trip is off the beaten path. 
  • 5 circles.Get ready to completely disconnect. The majority of your program will be spent away from the modern world. You will have very limited or no access to wifi throughout your travels.