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Just because international travel is on hold at the moment doesn’t mean your ambition to become an Expedition Leader has to be put on hold too! During this time of lockdowns and restrictions, you have the perfect opportunity to continue learning and upskilling ready for when borders reopen and the world starts travelling again. That’s why we at Gapforce have developed a comprehensive Online Leadership Course delivered by our expert team of Instructors, enabling you to progress your career, learn from industry leaders and start learning how to lead groups. We’re active people so the course is designed to be interactive with plenty of opportunities for feedback and Q&A from your Instructors.

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  • A 2-day 'conference style' training course
  • 40 minute sessions (recorded) with a live 20 minute Q & A after each session 
  • 12 sessions in total (6 per day)
  • Module 1 – Travel & Expeditions
  • Module 2 – Personal Development
  • Module 3 – Planning & Risk 
  • Module 4 – Leadership Theory 

Module One : Travel & Expeditions

Session 1 – The benefits of travel: what can be gained from an expedition?

Consider what an individual can gain from taking part in remote travel or an expedition and how you as a leader can maximise their experience.

Session 2 – Ethics and the impact of travel: can we reduce our footprint?

Understand the ethical issues that can be involved in travel and learn what to look out for to ensure your expeditions are ethical and responsible. Consider the impact of travel on the environment, local culture and people.

Module Two : Personal Development 

Session 1 – Skilful communication

Develop skills in speaking with confidence, conscious listening, and practice different styles of communication to suit different purposes (giving briefings, giving presentations).

You will get to practice your communication skills with the communication assignment.

Session 2 – Wellbeing and mindset

Discuss the importance of looking after your own wellbeing especially when leading groups and working overseas.

Learn methods to maintain your wellbeing even in challenging or stressful situations so that you can perform at your best and enjoy the experience.

Understand how your brain reacts to stressful situations (such as survival situations or crisis).

Learn methods to alter your own mindset and state to prepare you for any situation.

Session 3 – Careers: how can I make my love of travel a job?

Discover the valuable role goal setting can play in getting your career on track.

Learn simple skills to set goals, track your progress and maintain accountability to ensure you succeed.

Gain an understanding of the careers available in the outdoors, how to make the freelancer lifestyle work for you and what to expect if you choose to work in this industry.

Module Three : Planning & Risk 

Session 1 - Expedition planning

Understand the process of planning an expedition – from conception of an idea through to budget and logistics.

Learn where to look for valuable information.

Session 2 - Crisis and incident preparedness

Learn how to write a casualty evacuation plan and where to get the information required.

Develop skills in preparing for incidents that may occur on an expedition.

Session 3 – Risk assessments and safety management

Learn how to write an effective risk assessment and how to use this as a practical resource for safety.

Learn how to keep yourself and your team safe considering a range of situations.

Module Four : Leadership Theory 

Session 1 - Leadership styles & traits

Gain an understanding of a range of leadership philosophies.

Discuss what traits make effective leadership in a range of situations.

Consider the responsibilities of a leader and how you ensure you meet them.

Explore methods to help individuals overcome their barriers to success on an expedition, such as fear or interpersonal differences.

Session 2 - Team roles and Management and Motivation and improving team performance

Gain an understanding of team roles and dynamics.

Consider how you fit into a team and what benefit you bring to it.

Session 3 - Maintaining a healthy camp and a motivated team

Gain an understanding of the theories of motivation.

Explore how you as a leader can enhance the performance of a team.

Session 4 - Developing your 'leadership brand'

Learn how to hold effective review sessions so you can improve activities on your expeditions.

Learn how to give useful feedback to help individuals develop on your trips.

Explore your own leader brand and start to define what type of leader you want to be.

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