Tanzania Expedition – Update

5th October –

First day of living with the Masaai tribe. We met all of their neighbours and wives. There were so many tiny children wanting to hold our hands and climb on us, so we were all carrying them around at some point. We explored the Masai ‘bomas’ and huts. The only problem now is learning Masai as well as Swahili, which is confusing but worth it; a lot of Masai speak fluent Swahili anyway. It seems the thing to do at the moment is just smile and nod, which is what they do back, and so everyone’s happy.
Afterwards Dom drove us around the expanse of Esilailei which, upon arrival, is indescribable. The land is largely flat, due to the dryness before the short rain season, after which everything will apparently start to turn progressively green. Behind this for the entire drive, however, we drew closer to majestic rows of blue mountains, receeding with mist far off into the landscape. Towards the more forested areas, and Mto Wa Mbu, everyone waves and shouts, to try their English or lure you into their bar/shop. The time was perfect too; the sun had cooled off and was just about setting, which sends Esilailei into a romantic haze. summoing the time of the welcome cermony.

We had heard and so already knew the Masai welcoming ceremony, so of course, on return they had a small goat waiting for us, tied to a tree. I’d anticipated this moment for a while, but admittedly felt slightly nervous. By the time the cermony was over it was pitch black, and people were playing Reggae out of our car, which lightened the mood. We ended the night by cooking and eating the goat meat. Aaaw yeeeaaaahh!

10th October –

We went to the Masai market (on every Thursday) to buy some Masai blankets and sit under a shelter on a bench for hours drinking Banana wine. Good times. It tastes like 10% scrumpy, and it’s 500 shillings a bottle, which is hardly anything. Drunk Masai elders kept coming up to chat, so it was a great opportunity to learn some more of the language. Dom’s friend ‘Dutchy’ sold us all a ton of jewelery, with a free gift, for ‘goody price’.

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