Volunteer Stories: Training to be a Ski Instructor with Kristian

I went to Morzine with Skiforce to have fun, meet new people and get a qualification I could use later in life. In short I did exactly that but I thought I would share some of my worries about the course:

Before i went out i was nervous about 2 things.

1. What my skiing level would be like compared to everyone else.

2. Weither I would get on with the people there.

Upon arrival it was clear that I needn’t worry about getting on with people, everyone including chalet staff, all the ski instructors and the Skiforce representative were very nice, by the end we were all a big group of friends.

When we hit the slopes it was obvious that there were people who were better than others all with varying styles with experience ranging from 15+ weeks to 4 but by the end of the 1st week to the credit of our trainers we were all looking very similar in both skill and style which made the home run of 19 skiers in matching uniform and style flying down the piste very satisfying.

I had a great time and would definitely recommend it to anyone as it was of the best highlights of my life so far.

Find out more about our Ski Instructor Training Course here including info on our brand new launch in Val d’Isere!!

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