Marine Conservation with Greenforce in The Bahamas – Stories from Jemma

Volunteering for Greenforce in the Bahamas is hands down the most incredible experience I have ever had. From a young age I have always been fascinated by marine life and so I decided to take part in a conservation project upon the completion of my degree.


Greenforce appealed to me mainly due to the Scuba Diving training, something I have wanted to do ever since I can remember. However, I was also excited to extend my knowledge of the undersea world and of course to live in the Bahamas for 10 weeks!


The best thing about the project were the people. Never before have I seen a group of individuals click so quickly. Even though we were from varying backgrounds and of different ages, we thoroughly enjoyed each others company and will remain friends for a very long time. This is also true of the three staff members, CJ, Caroline and James – I loved being trained by those who are obviously extremely well educated and passionate about marine conservation and scuba diving.


Andros is an island with so much character and I loved exploring it during my time there. The locals are so welcoming and there are endless breathtaking sites – the numerous blue holes and picturesque beaches, not to mention the reef itself!


My 10 weeks volunteering for Greenforce enabled me to become a certified scuba diver, identify over 300 species of reef fish, spend time with amazing children and teach them about the things I am most passionate about, and meet some life-long friends – a once in a lifetime experience!


If you’d like to find out more about our Marine Conservation Programme in The Bahamas or Fiji then check out our website here. 

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