Trekforce Expedition Leader Training Review

Trekforce Expedition Leader Training Review

Have you ever considered jacking in the rat race and doing something amazing for your career? Like leading expeditions that will change people’s lives and that grant you with the ability to travel the world and help to protect rainforests, create marine parks and support communities in some of the most stunning and remote places on the planet.

At Trekforce, we offer an Expedition Leader Training course to get you started.

One of our recent graduates, Jonny,  kindly offered us his thoughts on the course. Check out how he found it below:

Jonny on the Trekforce Expedition Leader TrainingI have to say I had an absolutely fantastic experience, I wouldn’t change it for the world. It isn’t all about the jungle either, I have grown in confidence in general and feel more able to tackle challenges in day to day life.

I had two young and energetic leaders, who became good friends, who taught me about all aspects of leading expeditions and surviving in a jungle environment.

The group was five strong but only three of us finished. I feel lucky as the two guys who I finished the course with are now two of my closest friends.

Learning how to lead expeditions

My course fell at a really good time, we enjoyed a few things which other courses may not have had  a chance to experience.

Some of these ‘bonuses’ were, the fact that we trekked over Christmas, experienced New Years Day in San Antonio, underwent our advanced medical training in a hostel (instead of in the bush), an amazing weekend with BDART (we dropped on the same weekend they had a large group) and the most stand out thing was the fact our course went full circle. By that I mean, at the end of our course, the next group of T.E.Ls came into the country and it was our job to meet and greet, organise and then provide them with their basic jungle training. This was a huge bonus to our course as we got to reinforce what we had learnt, and got assessed on the standards of our lessons and leadership.

We also lead the new group on a 6 day trek through the jungle, further demonstrating our progress and leadership skills.

I refer to it as ‘my’ course, because you have to bare in mind that each course is going to be unique; there are things which will be the same, but the circumstances of each course will differ and therefore the itinerary and experience will change from course to course.

For instance, the group out there now wont have the experiences I listed above, they will however take part in the Ruta Maya Canoe Race – a hugely sought-after experience which I never got to have. But, they wont get the chance to teach the following group, as there is no group coming in straight after. So you can see, my experience may well differ to yours if you go ahead and take part.

After all this is said and done, although the courses will differ, and there will always be things you cannot control (other people on your course, time of year, country differences etc) the ethos behind the course is fantastic, and as a method of personal development and simply as a great challenge, it is really worth it.

As with anything like this, you get out of it what you put in and as long as you’re going into it for good reasons and with the right attitude, then it will benefit you greatly.

I hope this was in some way helpful to you, if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask.


P.S. Course highlights: for me personally it was the advanced medical training and the belt kit assessments (3 days alone in the bush with only your machete and belt kit!)

Are you thinking about a career in adventure travel? We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions on your mind.

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