Ecuador: October Group

Week 1:

Hi everyone, I and the other volunteers, Kate, Theo, Emily, Charissa, Rachel, Rosa, Aidan and Becca have just arrived in Quito, Ecuador and it’s amazing, looking forward to the week ahead.

This afternoon we are going to the ECUADOR VS.CHILE soccer match with 8 other wonderful people from the UK & South Africa!! Esta chica va a ir al partido de ECUADOR vs.CHILE esta tarde con 8 personas super cheveres delreino unido y surafrica! VIVAE CUADOR!

Highlights of this week have been…. visiting the old town, seeing the president’s house, going to the market, playing cards, drinking beer, salsa lessons and then actual salsa dancing in a club in town. Oh and loads of Spanish lessons!!! Awesome first week, bring on the next!


Week 2:

Everyone is going to Mindo, the cloud forest today, unfortunately me and two of the other girls can’t go because of a stomach bug. No worries though we will go together in our week off!

Today we all got certificates for our Spanish lessons, I’ve had a great time with my Spanish teacher Andres, we each had our own teacher which meant we could all learn at our own rate which made it so much easier to take it all in.

Week 3:

I’m back from my week with the indigenous Shuar community! It was incredible, we all bonded so much with our host families and I am missing them already. Whilst we were there we got temporary face tattoos and learnt so much about their local customs and culture, it was such an amazing experience.

Today we all went zip lining, it was such a beautiful area with amazing views! I’m going white water rafting tomorrow morning in the rainforest and hopefully to the spa in the afternoon.

Week 4:

We have been at the animal sanctuary this week “Yana Cotcha” we got to feed the animals and clean their enclosures; it was a unique chance to be so close to these incredible animals. The animal sanctuary helps animals who have been mistreated and helps them recover and go back into the wild so it was so rewarding being a part of such a worthwhile cause. The monkeys were most of our favourites so cute but so cheeky, had to keep an eye out to make sure they didn’t steal anything!

In our free time we went white water rafting, went to a beautiful waterfall and saw some caves.

Week 5:

I’ve had a pretty amazing week. I climbed a massive hill multiple times, picked grapefruits  pruned and planted cacao plants (chocolate trees), went to the beach, planted mangroves, dug for clams, travelled in the back of a truck, decorated a house and many more amazing things :D.

Week 6:

We have just returned from Isle de la Plata which is described as Ecuador’s other Galapagos! I went snorkeling and got some awesome pictures of the island and blue footed boobies! Such a great day 😀

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