Bahamas April Phase (Week 7)

This week due to stormy weather we haven’t been able to dive much, however, the rain didn’t get us down too much.

Monday through to Wednesday we finished off all our reef check tests and did some extra bits of education for example, Ian went through how a first and second stage works and showed us some of the moving parts to help with our overall understanding.

On Thursday we pulled together to get the newly finished boat onto a trailer, which did use alot of strength from the boys! We couldn’t get the boat fully on the trailer due to the weight of the engine and Marc, who was kindly helping us, suggested all of us sitting on it for a counter weight until we arrived at the creek. The most exciting yet nerve racking time I have had on a boat yet!

Once we had got the boat down to the creek and into the water Hannah and Matt gave it a good first run around while the rest of us got a lovely display from some local dolphins that were taking refuge in the creek to avoid the storms.  So all round good day and with only a few minor teething problems at first, the boat is up and running!

The storm let off a little on Saturday so we managed to try it out quite quickly. Great size and less bumpy that the rented boat, however, we have lost Gordan the diver who will be greatly missed!

Then Saturday night came with much more pool! Everyone is getting very used to this new arrival – even more entertaining with greenforce vs Forfar darts and pool!

Then finished off with another awarding winning lazy Sunday with a game of risk and some bacon!

Looking forward to the following week with hopefully much more use of the boat and even a little guest lecture from Jonny at Forfar on blue hole geology.


week 7

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