Fiji July Phase – Week 1

Welcome to Fiji. Weather was great for the first few days, and then the wind turned and brought the wind and occasional rain to the camp. The group merged well, and everyone found that we got along great! Plenty of banter and shanter for some. The Camp food has been good, plenty of inventive ideas. How do you make split peas and tinned corn interesting time and time again? Easy. Bread chore has delivered different loaves everyday too.

Diving Open Water exams finished and training almost out of the way. Most people picked it up quickly, and others caught up fast. Plenty of lectures to attend and Greenforce seem to be enjoying the new knowledge of the underwater world. With over 30 families of fish that we looked over, we are starting to learn the individual names.


Medforce have been active with scenarios, with Greenforce show casing their acting skills. A lack of injuries on camp has been pleasing, although minor cuts and grazes have kept the doctor busy. Friday night is party night, and with a few glow sticks and neon paints, we all got in the mood! The camp fires are great to warm up next to of an evening and always make for deep topics of conversation.

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