Bahamas January 2014

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Another week down! Doesn’t seem quite real that we are now starting the sixth week here, officially half way through the phase.



The infamous day of four dives! Was a great days diving all round we managed to finally get four waves of dives done meaning that everyone had two dives. The Golden Girls inclusive of Sarah got out on two dives doing fish points. The Beige Arrows had a great time doing two of the dives for the advanced diving qualification working on Peak Buoyancy and Boat Diving. Led by squadron leader Chad we saw plenty of awesome marine life including Southern Ray a large Nassau Grouper and a very curious 3ft Great Barracuda who took a shine to the silvery coke bottle Chad took down to demonstrate pressure on the body at depth. On the fourth wave (yay!) the boat spotted a pair of Dolphins not to far off the boat which was simply the cherry on top of a great day of diving for everyone!

Monday night documentary this week was the third and final instalment of BBC’s Oceans Giants this week the episode was on the sounds and noises that allow various wales and dolphins to communicate under water. It was a great look at the communication and social interaction between groups of wales. Especially the adult Sperm wales who dive to extremely deep depths, but the call of their young in distress at or near the surface they can pinpoint their exact location and ascend directly to them.

Unfortunately the rental boat we have been using as Lady Lusca waited for revival decided to give up when wee went to take it back to dock. There must be a curse with us and boats!

And that was another Monday done!



Despite both boats we have been using being out of action we did manage to dive, this time with Jonny (Short) on Forfar’s skiff. This time making it out to a new site that none of us have been to yet called ‘Quadrilly’, great dives all around the Beige Arrows managing to get their first Fish Point dives in with Sarah (room for improvement on fish lads!) but was a great first dive for the Arrows dive seeing some cool fish including Trumpetfish, Tiger Grouper and plenty of Parrotfish.

Highlight of the day was Johnny’s lecture on the geology of blue holes. We looked at how the Bahamian Islands were formed and how long ago, different types of erosions and how sand is formed. But the main focus was on blue holes how they are formed, why and how their composition. Best lecture we have had so far, nice one Jonny!

We also got hold of the parts needed to get the lady herself Lady Lusca back to seaworthy condition after being sent to the wrong island!



Wednesday already? The days are flying by! Despite the hard work of both Warren and Chad in getting the new parts fitted to Lady Lusca a combination of both a dodgy bilge pump and high winds and surf meant that the morning dive was abandoned as she was taking on too much water and not being able to get it out. Marking the end of Lusca. I told you we were cursed! So unfortunately we are on the hunt for a new boat to get us diving again, let’s hope that it is sooner rather than later!

But the day was saved by beach volleyball. Despite the winds we managed to have a great time and plenty of laughs! We then rolled into quiz night Carloyn, Emily and Jess were the quiz masters of the night making another epic quiz for us leading the boys (beige arrows) to win for the first time! [I say epic but that was purely because we won ;-)]



Thursday, the day with the crazy rain! The high winds and bad weather front continued with sudden showers every now and then. Luckily Sarah came to the rescue in the morning and we did some work on learning more of the Algae and some corals. Why are there so many corals! There is just so many codes too learn, but I have faith that we will rise to the challenge.

Following after that the lecture from Sarah, we set about organising a lesson for the local School in the afternoon. We are split up into groups of 3/4 and we have our own classes to teach. This week we covered animal classification, skeletons of various animals, food hierarchy and earths resources! I can’t speak for everyone but they were hard work this week, an hour has never felt longer. Despite the lessons not going quite as planned we still had a laugh and it is also good to get off camp and do something different!



The day of the learning! Full day of lectures with Sarah, we did a recap on the previous mornings work on Algae’s as well as covering the corals and the rest of the fish species that we need to learn. Despite not diving (Still no boat) we all had a great day with lectures and even a bit of pictionary which was interesting to see peoples artistic sides. Team MALC took victory due to their excellent team telepathy skills!

Not a lot else we had a nice evening at Timmy’s due to not diving the next day, so a couple of beers some pool and a bit of darts topped our day off ready for Saturday…..



End of the week already?! It is safe to say that this Saturday definitely tops the list of great days out we have had, Road Trip! Despite already having been to Church’s Blue Hole we had a great day out plenty of laughs and a BBQ!!!!!! The boys got their man on collecting fire wood with machetes and starting a fire wood too cook chicken and some hot dogs on. Kudos to Chad and Warren for their bush culinary skills, by far the best camp cooked food! It was great to have some meat for a change. BBQ chicken was the perfect way to top off a great day out, thanks a lot to the staff for making a great day even better and having great group of people just tops it off.

That’s it for another week we are looking forward to getting (we hope) a new boat this week and finally get diving again. So that we can finish of diving qualifications and make a start on our Reef Check and AGGRA surveys.

Later everyone, we hope that the UK hasn’t been completely flooded by the time we get back!

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