Bahamas April 2014 – week one

Driving into Staniard Creek and seeing our house for the next two months was very surreal! We were warmly greeted by all the staff and couldn’t believe the stunning views of our own Bahamian beach. The week flew by with settlement tours, fish identification lectures, visiting Staniard Creek primary school and snorkels.

The settlement tour allowed us to orientate ourselves around the local shops and the beautiful nearby creek. After feeling slightly overwhelmed by learning some of the many fish species around Andros’ shores, we went on a snorkel to a nearby small reef to see the species firsthand. We considered seeing three Nurse sharks and a Yellow sting ray on our first ever snorkel a pretty great omen. None of us were expecting the mega fauna and it was an awesome experience. We also snorkelled to Kamalame Cay and visited one of our three resident seahorse’s, whose name is too be confirmed within the group. We also collected rubbish each around the Mangrove’s; an important task to keep the coastlines and water as clean as possible.

Visiting the Grade 3 class at Staniard creek primary was an extremely interesting experience with 7 naughty kids staring back at us, never feeling the need to listen to anyone else and sharing their opinion whenever they felt necessary. We tried our best to keep order but felt a little useless; teaching is probably a profession none of us will go into! The children were super cute though and it was lovely to meet some of the local community.

Saturday was our day out to see other parts of the island; exploring Captain Morgan’s cave, looking over the Caribbean Sea from the highest point on Andros Island and snorkelling around a few sunken ships. We also witnessed our first tropical storm here, where the heavens opened and thunder crashed all around us! Pretty cool to drive through it with our opened back truck and certainly a refreshing break from the heat.

We are all very excited to get our new boat next week and start diving; I am sure there will be many more events and stories to come!

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