Bahamas April 2014

End of second week today,

I feel like I am at home now even if it still seems unreal to be in such a wonderful place. Waking up every day with the sea just in front of my window and the amazing sound of the waves to put me in a good mood. The teaching is perfect, Sarah is really patient and makes it really nice. There are lots of fishes to learn, so I cannot tell that I feel really comfortable with the knowledge of all of them but I am getting to it. It gets better everyday.

This week, was a diving week !!!

We went to Morgan’s Bluff with the truck in the morning. Beautiful sun and beautiful sea. It was really awesome to be under water again. Diving is one of the thing I love the most, so I was more than happy.This wreck is really huge and we could see lots of fishes that we studied with Sarah, it was nice to have a real visual contact with them, it is different than from the one we can sea in the book.This day was a really happy day, everyone was laughing and enjoying.The team that we have is really good, I feel like we are all bounded and it is important for me to feel comfortable in my working group. Life on camp is also really easy. I feel like the things are well organized and even if sometimes I struggle a bit with the authority and the rules that we have to follow, I think that it is a good system and I feel good about it.

New boat on camp !!!

Chad and Mike went to Nassau to take the boat and bring it back here.We had a girly night on camp and we had lot of fun, it was really nice.The next day, we saw the boat for the first time! Chad brought it in front of the house and took us on a ride.It was awesome! The boat is really fast and beautiful. I really enjoyed to be able to see our beautiful Andros Island from the sea. It is always really different.The water is amazing. We went for other dives on Ampi Theatre site. I have never seen so many corals in my life. The marine life out there is so huge, so many different species, it is amazing.

Party time.

Last night we had a really good night all together. It was really nice to have so much fun together.

People here are so real. I feel really good around them and I enjoy my journey even more than what I had imagined before coming to this incredible place. b3 b2 b1

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