Nepal April 2014

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When we arrived at the orphanage we were greeted with a sea of smiling faces and Kanchan (head of the orphanage). Straight away we were all involved in playing games with the children, such as table tennis and cricket. Cricket matches became a daily event, with the formation of two teams against one another. Each day the games became more competitive and as a result, us girls were often not needed or required in these matches (the boys were reluctant to let us play), however, we ignored this and played anyway.

On our second morning there, we were informed that Indira, the founder of the orphanage would be visiting. Indira came across as a celebrity type figure within the orphanage as everyone was very excited to see her and the children flooded towards her on her arrival. It was fascinating to meet the women who is known as a human rights campaigner all over Nepal and an essential figure head for rescuing children from the prison gates.

Over our time spent here, we all threw ourselves into teaching at the primary school, which was attached to the orphanage. Between us all we taught art, English, maths and science. In teaching these lessons we also introduced games to the children such as pictionary, hangman and trash ball.

Leslie took to teaching the children an Indian dance which he had recently learnt during his time in India. He threw himself into this routine by singing and dancing along to the traditional song, teaching the children in preparation for an upcoming talent show.

A personal highlight of our time spent here would be the wall art which we were all involved in with the children. We all worked on the outlines of the peacocks and then the children one by one put their hand prints on the wall, to form the feathers on the two peacocks.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our time at this particular orphanage and the children really were at their happiest when they were playing games with us. However, what must not be forgotten is that these children are orphans or their parents are in prison. This was brought to heart when we helped the children write their letters of response to the letters they had received from an Italian school. It was heartbreaking to hear some of the children’s stories about dead parents and siblings or in many instances loss of contact.

Thank you for an amazing time at this inspirational orphanage. I cannot wait for stage four of the programme which is our trek to Mount Everest.

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