Nepal April 2014 Last weeks!!

After the jungle safari, Cory, Dan and me had been to the orphanage, spent one week with those lovely kids.
The P.A Nepal is an orphanage which rescue the children from the prisoner’s family. There are nearly 100 children studying and living in that orphanage. With the slogan “Namaste, Uncle” my first class in Class 4. Frankly, I was nervous to face the students and sometimes the words I spoke were not clear. Even though I was not confident, I still tried to make the problem simple and bravely lead the students to understand the syllabus. Fortunately, the students are quite talented, they like interacting with me. The first 45 minutes passed quickly, when I took steps to Class 2, I realized I can do it perfectly if I put effort into it. After  the class at 2:30pm, there is a period playing for children, they like playing football, chasing together and skipping over the rubber bands. For the first day afternoon, I played football with children and teachers. Actually, it has been long time for me not to did the balls activity like that. I felt really tired when I was playing. Taking a shower and eating dinner and drinking coffee, when I was laying down, I fell into a deep sleep.
One week was a short period. It was time to say goodbye to the students. They got a farewell ceremony for me which made me quite moved. I never forgot those people, kind and friendly. I believe I will be back!
On the June 20th, I took on the van to Pokhara with Dan and our porter, Delek. After six hours, I felt dizzy and been told I’ve got our hotel, peace pokhara. I threw myself on the bed and slept in silence.
One day after, I’ve prepared for the trekking with my rucksack and trekking poles. The weather was good for the first day and keep well-being for the days during our trekking period. Oops! I forgot to tell you some details; we decided to trekking in the Annapurna mountain area for five days and hope to view the sunrise in poonhill, which is 3210m for its altitude. Lal is our guide, who is a skilled and experienced person and had been to Annapurna mountain hundreds of times. Everything is OK, we are on the way to Ulleri, the first day’s destination. Actually, the first day’s  journey was quite hard. The bolar  slopes wriggled across the mountain, then the thousands steep stone footstep leads to the top. The best way to overcome the difficulty is slow down and keep the normal breathing. Frankly, the porter is the most tired guy of us, he carried our large rucksack includes the sleeping bag. Through a period of time, he was fell behind us but everyone keep unite within our tea and encourage each other. The warm weather and dazzling sunshine made us stop many times. That’s not a big deal! Fortunately,  when we reached the hostel we lived in, it become raining, the heavy rain beat the eave and created big noise. That’s the nature, you can’t speculate what will be happened. ” We did it”  Dan and me clapped our hands and celebrate our achievement. Even there is lots of difficulties, we have got the trip successful for the first day.
“Wow! Beautiful sight!” I’ve got a big surprise in poon hill on the third day morning. Annapurna South and Fish Tail were clearly presented in front of us. Clubbing to the observatory, taking some pictures with my camera and good memories was remembered in my heart. However, that sight was disappear when several clouds swam slowly across the top of the mountains, which only 6:10 in the morning. “The early bird catches the worm” The moral is reasonable, especially, when we went downhill, sort of people went up, they must miss the beautiful scenery. What a pity! But we have seen that, that is no bad, isn’t it?
Five days past quickly, it’s time to say goodbye to Nepal. The historical country friendly people, western cafe and wonderful jungle safari are worthwhile for the tourists. At least, I should be thankful to Mr. Dan. He is very conscientious in his work and I feel pleasure get known with him for the one month in Nepal. If you can make friend with others when you in the traveling, it is significant for your life. Enjoy the life, making friends with people who own the good personality. That’s it! Love Nepal, love the life in there!!


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