Bahamas January 2015 – Week 2

Monday: After a late night making the most of wifi Sunday it was an early start. We had 2 sessions in the water, the first in our scuba gear, again skills practice with our BCDs. After being told what was thought to be a stingray Dom and I rushed into the water but after realising it was a tyre, we told the our leader Sam, and Scott the intern who rushed in after, for us to have the last laugh on them! Then after lunch we went back out for snorkelling around a rock formation off the coast (one rock) and were able to already start identifying some fish and we saw a lionfish and a pufferfish through the rock holes, it was incredible. Then a long swim back and a trip to the shop. Curry with rice and flatbread was the best dinner yet made by Mengyu and Phillip.


Tuesday: early 8am start again and morning dive out in open water with all the kit on. First time out in the open deep water doing skills- genuinely exceptional. But as we weren’t really moving round much it got cold very quickly. Luckily Chris kindly left out hot chocolate for us and lunch was already in bowls for us. So the rest of the afternoon was spent warming up and revising fish.


Wednesday: Early again and straight out for a dive out in open water where we took 2 dives, we went down to 12m around a sand bowl with a surrounding coral reef, which was awesome as they were exploratory dives and getting used to neutral buoyancy, again so many fish to see unfortunately still not as lucky as the others though, who are qualified, they had seen an octopus, stingrays and sharks. I’m beginning to identify many fish including the blue parrotfish and 4 eyed butterfly. It was mostly just a fun dive today- finally!! Then the best lunch so far egg fried rice with mixed veg definitely filled a hole! Had the pub quiz again- much better than last week’s, certainly more our generation.



Thursday: Today only diving for qualified divers just a chill day revising with a coral lecture mimicking some stuff I had already done a project for my AS coursework! In the eve another documentary, this time very upsetting one called the cove- emotionally scarring. All about how Dolphins are caught and taken to places like sea world and theme parks and how emotionally distressed they become or are brutally killed.
Friday: No diving today as the water and winds are up so instead we took a trip to the main town fresh creek in the trucks. Very cool day went to a hotel where the rat pack used to go and it was by the marina so while waiting for lunch we went bombing of the board walks. For lunch it was the most filling thing ever a mahussive club sandwich filled with bacon loveliness and chips. Then we followed round the board walk to an old lighthouse and then round to yet another deserted beach where we played with the tennis and rugby and chilled.

Saturday: Again the weather was too choppy for diving today so really chill, learnt 30+ more fish then Chris and I concocted lunch- I was so worried about it as we had kidney beans and lentils and potatoes but we successfully managed to create a curried lentil Dahl, a bean chilli stew and fried potatoes – people asked for seconds so I can only take it that people were hungry or it was palatable (or both). Then we had party night (school theme) Everyone a good laugh and overall it was a memorable night.

Sunday: So after both a fun and eventful night we had our pancake egg brunch, had the best skype calls and then the most amazing buffet dinner at a local bar/shop. Can’t wait for next week!

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