Week 2 in the Sunny Bahamas!

Monday:  Laura and Megan finished off their last two dives of the open water course in the morning! They were now ready to join the others in more dives as well as tackle the Advanced Diver course with Anosha and Rolo. The rest of the volunteers spent their time in the shade revising fish identification features before their fish point out dive with Prasanna at Ampi and Aladdin’s (the dive sites near us).  Later on in the evening, to celebrate Megan’s birthday, we ate some home made pizza and chocolate cake.  After getting our forfeits we moved on to the beach where we had a bonfire.




Tuesday: Today was the first day of the advanced diver course and Megan, Laura Rollo and Anosha did their deep-water and peak performance buoyancy dives.  Meanwhile the rest of the certified divers went to an island called Pidgeon Cay where they did some snorkeling and relaxing.  When we all reunited at the camp we had more fish identification lectures from Chloe. In the evening to relax, we all settled down and watched a movie together.

Wednesday: In the morning the sea appeared very flat so the advanced diver students were all ready to get ready for their dive. However, the weather started to turn and a heavy storm hit the island.  The whole team pulled on a rope to get the boat onto the shore. Once we had all dried off we decided to use our time productively and revise more fish species.  Once the weather had calmed down the advanced diver students completed their 3 final dives and saw a small reef shark and Megan and James were lucky enough to see a turtle as well! Later on the rest of the group went to A-flats to do another fish point out.  Later in the evening we had quiz night and were joined from some members or the Forfar team.


Thursday: We all started our emergency first response course with James in the morning and in the afternoon we went to take an hour’s lesson in the local school nearby. It was the first time for all of us to take a lesson here and meet all the students.  We came back to camp for some more fish ID revision and watched a documentary called Blackfish together.

Friday: We did more of our EFR course in the morning and then went on more fish point out dives. In the evening we had burger and hot dogs.

Saturday: we had a lionfish lecture in the morning from Chloe to prepare us for watching lionfish spearing later on. We caught 3 lionfish on our dive. Later, we completed the EFR course and took the exam. Then, we dissected the lionfish and learned more about their anatomy. We fillet them and cooked them for everyone to taste.  After dinner we went over to Timmy’s bar and enjoyed our night.


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