Week 8

Monday began at the crack of dawn for Prasanna, Chloe and James as they completed the final transect on our new favourite dive site, Mike Hunts. It was an especially beautiful morning for Chloe and James as they got to witness Prasanna sporting a rather tiny blue bikini bottom and sunglasses for his 100th dive, which then resulted in a tragic loss of the infamous GoPro that held the proof that the 100th dive had been completed in bikini pants. I guess he will have to complete his modelling profile another time. Once returned to the camp Prasanna immediately trudged off to the clinic with Elliot at a begrudgingly slow pace, undoubtedly with a few cries of “Hurry up Mate.” Meanwhile the girls and Jake embarked on a two tank dive with Chloe for another famous benthic and coral point out. Once the injured had been seen to and arrived back on camp with a decidedly calm Prasanna and a limping death-foot, lunch was set and followed with a dive for just the Lads and Tom. After the boys set off for their point outs the rest of the group decided to play “Coral on your Face” prescribed by Chloe to help revision of Corals, but quickly turned into a very hot and bothered group of people working out if they were APAL, DSTO or MALI.

Tuesday held more hope as majority of the group headed out with Prasanna for a Coral Point out, you think we would all be pros by now… Guess again. With buckets of support from Chloe we still couldn’t get our head around the corals that faced us or their codes, let alone their Latin names, but Chloe still had high hopes, even for Rollo whose notes had ended up becoming cat food. With a few people left on land because of injuries, or just being massive pussies. Meg, Jake and Rollo, the last survivors, headed out with Chloe for yet another Coral point out, with one highlight being that a Remora got its revenge on Rollo for his sea dump by pooping on him, revenge is best served butt first. Everyone safely back on Camp, dinner was a very exotic Curry night prepared by Jake and Michaela.

Wednesday was the beginning of the EFR, Emergence First Responder, course for Ruby and Malia while the rest of the team headed off on, yet again, more coral point outs. We began on the video, to summarise:

“Hi my name is (Your Name) I’m an Emergency First Responder. May I help you?”

“Hi my name is (Your Name) I’m an Emergency First Responder. May I help you?”

“Hi my name is (Your Name) I’m an Emergency First Responder. May I help you?”

“Hi my name is (Your Name) I’m an Emergency First Responder. May I help you?”

I think you get the drift, a very informative video with a voice over from hell. One of his favourites was the defibrillator, pronounced “De-frib-ru-la-torrr” in your best American accent with a hint of English and anything else you would like to add into that. After the movie Annie got a thorough working over with Malia, showing us his skill with the women as he demonstrated a slow but gentle rescue breath on sweet Annie. But, regardless of the endless pages and repetition and demonstrations, both passed, Ooo Ahh Maliaaaa! Bring on the scenarios. With the return of the group from their very exciting Coral point out dive, we started cracking down on the revision. Diving was suspended until we were capable of successfully identifying at least one of coral. Hours later, we completed a coral workshop with Chloe, only then to head over to the local for quiz night to be tested on our general knowledge. With the staff loosing for the first time, due to Prasanna being an honorary SHLAD, in the Blue Waffle Team, and the loss of the easy game of thumb war by James.

Thursday began with, yes, another Coral point out with all the team attempting to identify their corals that they revised, oh so hard. We returned for lunch, followed by a trip to the local school in the hopes that our final week with them would be a fun swimming lesson and beach games, only to be shot down. Duck, duck, goose anyone? Finally something that Jake’s smallness might give him an advantage in. Meanwhile in the next room “Simone says Dance” was a lesson for everyone, this resulted in changing the game rather abruptly into a quick aggressive work out with the kids, with Prasanna taking lead and showing off the guns for the watching Chloe, Amelia and Meg. Once finally disentangled from the ever energetic kids, we returned to camp. The second dive of the day set out with Chloe, Michaela and Meg, representing the Girldom and Jake and Prasanna representing the Small and Unused side of life. Only to result in a very aggressive Remora taking a fancy to Michaela’s shining locks, so much so it took a prize to go with. It then continued to torment the girls, much like Tom does, by constantly attempting to reach the unreachable. After all the excitement and with everyone settled at the table armed with a pen and piece of paper we began our Coral Mock Test, 60+ questions later the fun was over.


Friday began with a 9am dive with the dream team, Meg, Ruby, Chloe and Jake, on incredibly flat water for yet another Coral Point out and an added bonus of a coral transect! With visibility all the way to the sandy bottom from the boat. We descended putting the mock test into practise. After lunch Rollo, Amelia, Michaela and Tom headed out with Prasanna for a Coral Point out followed by a practise transect. The rest of us sat down for some, in-depth, revision of the Corals and a few unnecessary ones thrown in to confuse us. With the second dive back, we had our heads bent over our books before the final test was to be started. Once Chloe had finished the test we began, almost immediately beginning a game of pass the parcel with the laptop so everyone had a fair look at the picture on the screen. An hour later we headed to burry our heads in an alcoholic drink as fast as we could at Timmys as a well-deserved reward! With a drink in hand and our resident scientist Chloe had called in for extra help from Prasanna to mark our tests…we were ready to face our fate. Megan and Amelia passed first time round, they were handed the pass papers and held them triumphantly while the rest of us eradicated ours. The night ended with all the boys sweetly tucked up in bed while the girls partied, some in pjs, on Timmys’ deck with the locals.

Saturday morning was as grey as England and within minutes of everyone arriving, including the guest appearance of Mike Welch, Amelia’s Dad, the heavens had opened and the plans changed suddenly. No more Calabash beach BBQ and party in the sun, off to Churches Blue Hole for a day of bonging and jumping off the ledge. After a hearty meal of hamburgers and sausages and countless put on for the visiting father. There was general hilarity with James showing off his jumping skills, a few people being thrown in head first and some cheeky swimming turning into “Oh God why did we do this!” and “I’m so full, We’ve made a terrible mistake!”. Games began when the big floating podium, constructed with plastic containers connected to make a lopsided raft, was pulled into play and it became a game of “King of the Float” which ended up with everyone a little drowned, quickly morphed into how many people can we fit on the float. With the girls cleverly avoiding the death ring, watching the childish play of the boys turned delinquents over a floaty object. Now all that was left was to pardayyyy. Once all together back on camp and pizza, cooked by Tom and Megan, was inhaled the alcohol started flowing, in the form of beer pong staring Tom and Mike as the champions! The arrival of the AUTEC brought a surprise present of Jelly Shots, which were quickly slurped up and  after some very active dancing from Prasanna behind the counter top, we moved on to Timmys. And like usual, all the boys sweetly tucked up in bed, the girls were out partying.



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