Europe 2015

Day 22: We woke up early to catch our train at 8:47. 4 of us went to the other station nearby our hostel and grabbed some breakfast. We all headed to the other train station to catch our train to Hannover where our connection to Amsterdam is 12 minutes later. We took the connecting train to Amsterdam where it was cold, windy and raining and then headed to the hostel. We grabbed supper at the market and stayed at the hostel because of the rai and the hostel’s location.

Day 23: We woke up and split off into groups. 3 of us went downtown to the Van Gogh Museum, some of the others went to the Anne Frank House and some went to various museums. After the Van Gogh museum, which was amazing, I had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe-delicious food. I then walked to the Anne Frank house while the other 2 I was with went to the torture museum and dungeon. I made my own mini Magnum ice-cream bar on the way and saw the beautiful Amsterdam canals seeing as they’re everywhere! After waiting 2 hours in line and meeting 2 Americans, I walked through the Anne Frank house which was very inspiring and moving. At the end it was raining and I made my way back to the hostel with a dead phone and no map-interesting and long experience. We headed back into town and had supper, and then wandered through the Red Light District. We came back to the hostel and had an early night.

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