Europe Tour 2015

Day 10: We woke up early, grabbed breakfast from the bakery a couple stores down and headed for our train to Milan where we caught our connecting train to Florence. We had a long hot walk to the hostel but it was the best hostel yet-a small kitchen, washer, fridge, freezer and air conditioning! After we settled in we walked to the plaza 3 minutes away and got something to eat for supper. We then wandered around Florence before going back to the plaza to watch an orchestra perform.

Day 11: We grabbed breakfast at the bakery next door and headed to the Uffuzi museum in the plaza near out hostel-such a beautiful museum, so much fantastic art! We then split up and walked to see the Duomo-the famous dome in Florence-and grabbed lunch at a nearby restaurant while some of the others went shopping. We then walked to a fortress that had a HUMAN exhibition held there. There were incredible views of Florence you couldn’t find anywhere else! After we returned to the hostel, the whole group went to supper and then most of us went to watch the sunset from the Michelangelo plaza-very pretty.


Day 12: We woke up and grabbed breakfast from the same bakery as we headed to the train station to go to Rome. We had a 10 minute walk to the hostel which was also very nice-although Rome and the hostel were both extremely hot and humid. We relaxed there for awhile in order to cool down, which didn’t really work. The group split up-some went to get lunch while others stayed at the hostel. Then a few of us walked to the Colosseum-a 5 minute walk from the hostel to get some really nice pictures. We then headed back to either get supper or relax at the hostel for the night.

Day 13: We had breakfast at the hostel and then went next door to buy tickets for a bus tour. Most of the group went straight to see the Vatican while myself and another got off at the stop before and wandered though a couple churches and museum-such beautiful and grand buildings with great views of Rome. We then headed to the Vatican and Sistine chapel where we had many bus and ticket issues however the Vatican and chapel were amazing and beautiful! We then took the bus back to the hostel, met up with the others who stayed at the hostel and went shopping that day, grabbed supper, saw the colosseum lit up at night and then went back to the hostel.


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