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Day 14: We woke up and 5 of us got ready to go to Pompeii for the second escape day. We travelled twice as long as we were supposed to as trains kept being delayed, but eventually we got to Pompeii which was incredible. We wandered around the ruins of Pompeii and then travelled back to  Rome. The other members of the group either went to the beach or went shopping in Rome.


Day 15: After breakfast we headed to our train to Venice. Once we arrived we checked into the hostel, did some laundry and got some food and snacks from the market. We then met a couple people staying at the hostel who we went to see the fireworks in Venice with, as there happened to be a holiday that day.

Day 16: We had breakfast and then we took the train to the Venice island. We split off into separate groups and wandered around the streets of Venice. 2 others and myself went to a natural history museum and did a little souvenir shopping. For the most part we wandered the alley ways throughout Venice and got lost! Some of the others rode a gondola through Venice-I would have but it was quite expensive. We then took the train back to Venice from the island to have supper before heading to our night train to Vienna. On the night train 6 of us shared a compartment where there are 4 permanent beds (the bottom 2 being couches) but then the backs of the couches on the bottom flipped up to squeeze a total of 6 people in the room-it was very crowded and uncomfortable in my opinion but was a good experience.


Day 17: We woke up on the train around 6:50 so they could give us breakfast and we could get ready to leave. We arrived in Vienna and dropped out bags off at the hostel as we couldn’t check in until later. We then took the metro to downtown Vienna where we started our sight-seeing. Vienna is so beautiful and clean and had beautiful weather. We wandered around Venice for a few hours and saw a few palaces, monuments, parliament buildings, parks and churches-everything was in walking distance. The only thing we took three metro for was the Schonbrunn palace that was huge! It had a giant garden and a lookout point out the back-it was gorgeous! We met up with a few people from Poland who we met in Barcelona at the lookout point which had a great view of all of Vienna! We then grabbed supper and headed back to the hostel.


Day 18: We woke up and myself and another took the metro downtown to grab breakfast and get a couple souvenirs before getting the train to Prague. After we arrived in Prague we checked in at the hostel and met our roommates. We then headed down the street to grab supper before our group split off where some went on a bar crawl to celebrate our leader’s birthday and the rest met up with our Polish friends by the river who were also in Prague at the same time. We watched some fireworks over the river in front of the castle-nine of us knew why there were fireworks but it was wonderful to watch. We headed back to the hostel, chatted to our roommates and then went to sleep.

Day 19: We woke up and had breakfast at the hostel before breaking off into 2 groups. 5 of us went on a walking tour while myself and the rest of us went exploring with my roommate Nicole, her cousin Monica and Monica’s roommates. We wandered downtown to the Old Square and the astronomical clock and then headed up to the old castle by means of the famous bridge. On the way Monica’s roommates stayed behind and then the other 3 people from our group headed back to the hostel for one of their haircuts. Nicole, Monica and myself walked through a park on our way up to the castle which had amazing views of all of Prague! We then had lunch, visited the market, got some souvenirs and went back to the hostel so I could repack my things. The group met up later for our supper that night and then we headed back for the night.

Day 20: We had breakfast and caught our train to Berlin. We checked into the hostel at Berlin-very nice and grabbed some supper. Myself and another walked around Berlin and I bought our leader a birthday present. We went back to the hostel and a few of our group hung out on the patio with a lot of people where we unexpectedly celebrated our leader’s birthday-as it was that day.

Day 21: Most of us slept in and then grabbed breakfast in the hostel. 5 of us who were awake explored Berlin while another went on a walking tour. We saw the Berlin Wall memorial, the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate and the Holocaust Memorial when we then grabbed lunch. We then walked towards the museums and the Berlin Dome where we sat down for a while. The 5 of us split off and most of us ended back at the hostel to rest. I did a little shopping while the others were resting and then most of us met up and went out for the group supper. We headed back to the hostel where most people went straight to bed as we had an early train to catch the next morning but I stayed in the common room of the hostel for a few hours and met some people from England and Canada-finally some fellow Canadians from Ontario!

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