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Bahamas Gap Year

It has been a busy first week in The Bahamas. Our marine conservation volunteers have been getting used to their new home, food and lifestyle! Recent updates:  


After a very short night the morning group met at the international airport in Nassau before heading to our camp on Andros Island. When we arrived at our camp the first thing to do was hanging on our mosquito nets and exploring the surroundings. In the late afternoon the other volunteers also made it to our new temporary home and enjoyed the delicious barbecue. Because almost all the volunteers had a long travel we decided to go to bed early after a drink in Timmy’s bar.


It was hard to get up even though if brunch was waiting for us. It was a free day and we decided to go paddling, snorkelling and chilling in the sun. Some of us weren’t able to handle so much sunrays and ended up to imitating Mr. Crabs. 

Bahamas Marine Conservation VolunteersMonday

We started the day with our beloved porridge. The next part of the day was filled with the briefing and we also were divided into groups doing our cooking and cleaning services. In addition to a little village orientation the Gapforce team tested our swimming skills with a 200m swim unfortunately in really cold water. The following movie night with the “Pirates of the caribean” matched our situation pretty well. But not this night because after playing games we all went calm and quiet to bed.


Surprisingly we woke up again with the wonderful smell of porridge which boosted us for the following snorkelling tour in the rough water. Unfortunately we couldn’t make friends with any fish since the water has been so churning. Afterwards we started our Emergency First Respond cours by watching a movie filled with professional actors. The main message: do not forget to introduce ourselves in case of emergency (hello my name is ‘your name’. I am an Emergency First Responder. May I help you?). In addition we cooked the best dinner so far (no need to be jealous). The fact that it wasn’t possible to dive the whole week because of bad weather conditions propelled us into Timmy’s arms. If we have to find a synonym for this game night (including message in a bottle) we would probably choose the expression: boozy night. Cheers to that!


The introduction to the science lecture enables us a better view on the work we’re going to do the time we stay on Andros. In occasion of our EPR-practical part we were introduced to the medical gapforce dummy. Of course every single volunteer has been really serious during the perfomance of CPR, except of Josh (again another clue: better be saved by anyone else). In the evening the atmosphere heated up by playing a interesting Quiz.


The early part of the day was filled with fish identification and finishing the practical stuff of the EFR. In the afternoon we had to prepare for our first school lesson with the locals. It was such an amazing experience teaching them new words and playing around. Even our interns were impressed and so we are all looking forward to our next visit on thursday. Provision was made for having a documentary night but most of us had been so tired that they felt asleep after a couple of minutes.


After a little EPR review in the morning we cleaned up our beach and learned more about the fascinating Bahamian’s fish species. In the afternoon we all got a little nervous writing our EPR final exam. But it was all fine and we celebrated that with Timmy and his refreshments.


Porridge and horrible weather on sundays? No way. We started our day with a lot of delicious pancakes and many sunrays. Our trip to one of the Blue Wholes in Andros was so exciting and we all enjoyed our time. Even the boys’ disabiliy of making sandwiches couldn’t stop our good mood. When the sun was gone we decided to take a sunbath on the main road in Andros. Why not? After that we all were looking forward to the barbecue (meat yayyy). The theme of the night? Dress up for Josh’s birthday party which was so fun.


After a long night the volunteers decided to either take a nap at the beach, chilling in bed or learning for the first open water diver lesson. To honour Josh’s birthday we all went to a restaurant eating MEAT. The beginners looking forward to start diving tomorrow. So be excited, there’s more to come! Good night.

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