One Month Anniversary

Gap Year Ski Instructor Training Course

Read on for the latest update from our Ski Instructor Training Course:

Having spent the last couple of weeks focusing on mostly central theme, starting our fourth week with an introduction to moguls skiing seemed to be a convenient change for all of us. Within the first few minutes Joe managed to give us an epic demonstration of how to ski the ridge of the slope by falling flat on his face – definitely one way to keep everyone’s mood up. A few days later the encore followed in the form of a video of Jamie heroically jumping off a shack sliding down half the mountain… Who knows it might be his key to fame having hit about a thousand clicks on Facebook.


Thursday night – Superstar DJ Gavla night in Underground. His incredible talent, our dancing, flavoured shots and crocodile games with South African company kept us going. Moving on to Jack’s, Emma somehow managed to bruise her knees and sadly decided to leave us after a few minutes of dancing.

Meanwhile Addie identified her second worshipper that night who followed her for most of the way to our new favourite club: Deep. It is amazing how that establishment manages to have spare rooms for every visitor to dance by themselves. After one more shot and Alex’s innovative method of remembering nights like these by writing down notes in his phone we finally made our way back home. As if that weren’t enough our planned jam session had to move to room number 69 – waking up a happy Jamie. The night ended with Addie’s very desperate search for wifi…

Gap Year Ski Instructor CourseFriday goes down as the most beautiful day in the history of skiing – blue sky, sunshine all day long… unfortunately most of us didn’t feel at our best, however, we discovered that skiing might as well be the best hangover cure ever. At dinner at TC’s Addie and I got kind of scared finally realizing that the two guys we had met the weekend before seemed to show up anywhere we went.

A fancy Saturday including a very nice lunch and a couple of glasses of white wine turned into our first Folie experience from which we did not return entirely sober. In the evening Henrietta’s parents kindly invited us to dinner. Too much wine ultimately got Jamie to proclaim his love to DJ Gavlas girlfriend and it was when he gave her a new set of vibrating undies – something that might not exactly help him maintain his position as Gavs love child. After this very eventful week I think all of us are looking forward to the next one…

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