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Arriving on the platform in Bangor, we were welcomed by a swift breeze of brisk January air. As I found Tim (English) and Meghan (American) we crammed our selves and the extraordinary amount of gear we had into a small taxi and sped off to the Snowden bunk house. Henry greeted us as we walked through the door with tea and biscuits. We proceeded to sit around and climate ourselves to the house as well as each other while we waited for the last two team members to arrive. Joop (Holland) and Sean ( Belgium) arrived a bit later and settled in.

We all got a short briefing about the what we would be doing the next week or so and did minor introductions. Dinner of pasta served and eaten in haste because of the interest in going to the local (and only) pub.

An early wake up followed the next morning with a lesson on compass use and looking at our kits to make sure we all had sufficient equipment. A small but very beautiful hike was up next on the menu where we were to practice our navigation and new compass skills.

We were warned early on the the snow line on the mountains were very low for that time of year and told to be careful. The second day was very tough with a large climb up a mountain to reach the edge of the snow line, again practicing navigation all the while taking turns leading.

We were informed that our actual mountain leader course run by Steve and Helen Might be cut short due the snow. None the less we started our course with Steve teaching us more complexed compass work as well as other navigation tools. Then with Helen who was very proud of her new puppy that we all got the chance to meet. She went over more of the same with greater detail.

The very unfortunate news came that we would not be able to complete the last three days of the course due to bad weather. This news was a disappointment to all. On the other hand an entertaining night at the pub ensued. We all went our separate ways the next day, some to London and some back home, none the less all exited about heading to Costa Rica in three days!

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