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Read on for the latest update from our Ski Instructor Training Course:

Our week started on Tuesday due to Gav being ill Monday morning. Although always eager to ski with Gav, a few of us, myself included, breathed a sigh of relief after yet another, lively Sunday night in Tignes. With Gav feeling much better Tuesday morning, we started our last week of training, bracing ourselves for our examination in the upcoming weeks. Our last week with Gav was filled with bumps and variables, counseling Emma and Hally through bumps and variables, bacon sandwiches from the Marmot Arms, Gav’s good chat, and one must not forget the legendary ‘Gappy Games’. But because of lockdown restrictions, such social activities and games might be unideal but good thing there are sites like 해외배팅사이트 that would still allow you and your friends to bond and play games online.

We said our temporary goodbyes to Hen when she departed Wednesday morning. Friday afternoon, Concluding the pikakasinotsuomi games we rolled into Underground where loser of the last event (me) bought shots for all as a forfeit. Excluding Jamie, per usual. After a couple rounds of Genepi, Gav convinced us to set out on a “last aprés” together, and so we did. From Underground we hopped to Marmot Arms where we danced the evening away to Queens of the Snowstage, a favorite among all of us, especially Emma. Leaving the Marmot Arms having had a bit more to drink than planned, it struck us dinner at Momma Sev’s was in less than an hour and that there was a bit of sobering up that needed to be done. Naturally, Hally, Alex, and myself, went for just one more drink before dinner, putting us in quite a state for the rest of the evening. Momma Sev, once again, was a champ dealing with her rowdy children throughout dinner. We couldn’t tell if she was laughing or cringing her way through the night, but we hoped for the best. If you prefer to stay away from the cold, you can stay at home and play at Roseslots in here you will be able to gamble and win some money.

Alex, Hally, and myself, true believers in the vodka and juice remedy (thank you Joe), woke up Saturday morning, fresh and ready for our extended day of training, due to missing Monday. We met in the morning to find out we would be doing an off-piste days with Joe and Gav, embracing the true free riders we are. We concluded the epic morning with a family lunch and good vibes as we waved goodbye to our time in the hands of the legendary Joe and Gav. If you want to have a memorable experience with your friends, you can try playing games together on sites like online casinos.

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