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As we headed of out of Puerto Vijeo on our way to recce turtle conservation projects, Meagan and I to Nicoya peninsula and Sean and Tim to Tortuaguero there was a feeling of accomplishment and excitement for the days to follow. Meagan and I headed first to Ostional. The opportunity to go to Ostional was an honor, the place where the largest turtle nesting in the world happens, however our contacts did not pan out  so we decided to cut our losses and head to the highly respected playa buena vista. We spent that second day scoping out the town and enjoying the beautiful weather. The next we were met at the mouth of the Buena Vista river by our contact at ASVOC turtle conservation who took us to check out the conservation. I might add that this required us to kayak across a river that was said to be teaming with crocodiles. When back in town we were put in touch with a conservation startup near Punta Islita and went to check out what they had to offer the next day. After a day of travel we arrived at our next team adventure, the Ara project in Punta Islita. After working at the Ara project on the Caribbean coast we all knew what we had in store for us here. The next few days were spent building stairs for the macaw tours and enjoying the birds ourselves. I might add that it was amazing to be able to sleep under the stars in our hammocks. Immediately   after  leaving the project we set off to our next jungle adventure in beautiful area outside Siquirres. This camp was to be our home for the next 7 days while we learned water rescue and did our solo nights. The water rescue went flawlessly including a bit of river crossing. Things took a turn on the morning after solo night when we were awaken with the news that meagan had possibly been bitten by a bullet ant. This is the ant that is said to be the most painful insect bite in the world. We quickly packed our things and left camp in case things took a turn for the worse. However Meagan handled it like a champ and pushed through the pain. We arrived back in Puerto Vijeo that afternoon and reflected on the last week in the jungle, our longest stint yet!

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