An Exciting Week Of Diving, Puppies, Dolphins And Good Food

Monday we started with two dives in the morning. In the afternoon we had our non priority fish lecture and we feel like we know all of the fish in the sea. After our camp meeting everyone relaxed and had an early night.

Tuesday morning there was two dives and after lunch we went to the Bahamas National Trust to set up for the spay and neuter clinic. When we returned we had a volleyball match which was fun for everyone. After playing volleyball, we had a beach clean and nobody found any money or any treasures. While we were doing this, Emma and Cameron prepared our dinner which was flat bread. With full stomachs, the group hung out in the social area and watched the movie Bridesmaids.


Wednesday was a bad day for Tom because he was feeling very dizzy. So will brought him to the clinic while we were diving and ate watermelon on the boat between the two dives which was really refreshing. In the afternoon we had very heavy rain and it was a very different type of storm because we did not experience that type of rain before so we were all hiding in the house for the rest of the night. This meant that quiz night was cancelled until the next night. Fortunately Tom came back from the clinic that same day. He was given an IV and he felt much better though nobody knew exactly what he had wrong with him.

Thursday was a big day because Ben left bright and early for Nassau because he had his doctors appointment which was very successful because he was told he can start diving again. Back on camp everyone was waiting for his return to hear whether it was good or bad news from Ben. Everyone was happy when they heard the good news, but when we all heard about the Chinese food, Starbucks coffee, and also the McDonalds he had in Nassau, everyone became a bit jealous 🙂 In the evening we celebrated the good night with our quiz night which was as fun as it always is.

Friday morning we left for Androsia which is a place where we had the opportunity to print, create, and design our own shirt. It was a really cool experience and we will be getting the shirts sometime this coming week. After Androsia, we went to see a lighthouse and climbed it to the top and it was a beautiful sight of the sea. We continued on to a beach but right away we saw dolphins just off the shore so as fast as we could, we all got into our bathing suits, or some did not bother changing, just went in their underwear. The dolphins were very curious so they came right up near us and swam circles around us, and it was a very unique experience.


After that excitement, we built up some hunger so we went to a roadside restaurant and had pork, chicken, and salad. Saturday we got up early and helped at the veterinary clinic that did free spaying and neutering to pets, or homeless dogs and cats. It was a very cool experience, and there was a lot of cute animals.

After that we came back to camp and had a barbecue at Timmy’s bar which was the best one yet, there was so much food we had it again for dinner on Sunday. While eating and socializing, Timmy spotted a shark and some of us saw it swimming on the shore. Sunday was our chill day, most of us had a swim in the sea, knowing the possibility of the shark still nearby. After our swim, we all relaxed and had our great food from Saturday again for dinner.

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