Flying Fox in Borneo

Building houses in the Borneo Jungle

Hello! After a very long journey, we all finally met in Balikpapan to begin our Gapforce Borneo adventure. We assumed our journey was nearly over. We were wrong. A 17 hour car journey later, we arrived in the tiny village of Muara Wahau, where we would spend 2 nights to organise our jungle equipments. Then we took a gorgeous drive on the back of rusty yet reliable 4 x 4’s through firstly palm tree plantations then sprawled for many miles and secondary rainforest and ultimately into primary rainforest. On this journey, I sustained what I can only describe as 3rd degree burns from the sun after neglecting to wear sun cream. Considering how much I’m peeling now, it is not a mistake I shall repeat. The journey was splendid, however, with unforgettable views and exhilarating terrain for the entire journey. We then cross a river with all our equipment in a contraption called a ‘flying fox’, which was awesome! After a 1 night stop in a village the size of a small herd of elephants, we were back on the road for the final leg of our journey to camp Lesik.

The terrain was even more extreme for this leg, which was, of course, what people expected considering how far the drive from the previous day was.

We’ve spent the last 4 days at Lesik now and it’s beautiful here. We’re surrounded by jungle and next to a rive which we swim in and can only be described at paradise, especially after a hot days work. We’re currently building a new kitchen for the scientist here as the last one burnt down.

Today, however, not much work was done as two orang-utans called Casey and Hamsah wandered onto camp! A truly unbelievable, unforgettable experience, seeing such rare and majestic great apes! Despite already proving to be rather incredible, I know the trip only has more to offer.

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