Giants Of The Ocean

Bahamas Volunteers on their gap year

Week 3 has been and gone for our Bahamas Volunteers. Read on for the latest update:

Monday began with everyone passing their Open Water, and Advanced Open Water courses to much celebration. Immediately, the Open Water Divers began on their Advanced certifications, in preparation for the survey and science in the upcoming weeks. We finished off the day with a visit to the Bahamas National Trust centre where we met Liz. Liz told us all the interesting places to visit on Andros, and about the wildlife to lookout for when walking in the bush, like cat size Iguanas, large snakes and Wild Hogs.

Tuesday came, and due to a broken down boat, there was no diving. However, the camp leaders made sure there was plenty to do and learn about, with a snorkelling trip in the local creek and the hunt for manatee. No manatee spotted, (Zara!) but we saw really cool stuff like deceased turtle’s shells and mangrove nurseries. As night fell, we all gathered in the social area to watch a horror film about cave diving. Not the best choice in hindsight!

Wednesday and we’re back diving on a rented speedboat which made getting to the dive sites much faster, and much much more fun. On the dive, we learned some more advanced techniques that will help us do the science surveys in the coming weeks. After diving, it was time to finally do our Emergency First Responder Exam, where we all passed with flying colours! Quiz night followed, where the usual hilarity ensued.

PADI diving in the bahamas

More diving and more fish point-outs on Thursday, followed by a trip to the local school where we taught the local children maths, spelling, and of course, more games and play time! For dinner, we got an invitation to the Getaway Bar for some tasty roasted wild boar, BBQ ribs, fried chicken, and potatoes.

Even more fish point outs on Friday, making sure that we’re up to scratch on our knowledge for when we begin the science. Will, with the help of Timmy the landlord built us a new Regulator rack to better take care of the equipment on camp. He followed up by holding a workshop on knots, teaching us the basic five knots that everyone should know. Finally, we got our documentary night and we chose a film on whales. (Giants of the Ocean) Did you know that a Right Whales penis is 8ft long? (Cue wobbly mime)

Bahamas Gap Year PADI Diving

As Saturday rolled by, we were surprised with a road trip up the coast to Red Bay, where the locals keep an ancient water-proof basket weaving tradition alive, along with carvings of local wildlife and weird figures. As it was a super hot day, we finished off with a stop at Uncle Charlie’s Blue Hole for a swim and chill.

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