On The Fifth Day We Made It To Machu Picchu

It started at 4, on a cold Sunday morning. Sprits were high, people were excited.

It was then a 3 hour bus journey and an English breakfast without bacon: spirits were lower.

We then started walking up a hill. Spirits were non existent.

But with a good helping of coca leaves, some lemon sweets and a never ending game of celebrity naming amongst the boys we were feeling much better.

Then we arrived at lunch. Lunch was the bomb. We felt like queenie at a state dinner, even with our special room temperature water.

Arriving at the campsite was pure elation and I think we let the other campers know with our loud renditions of Beyonce and Drake. Dinner was fab again.

Another 4am start and a climb up at 4600m glacier. It was the hardest thing some of us have ever done but the views were worth it at the end – just.


Day three was the hot springs and relaxing at the campsite as we thought we had no trekking on day 4. This was not true.

But on day 4 we also did a ziplining course which I cannot recommend enough. Zipling over the mountains of Peru upside down was the most incredible thing I have ever done.

And on the 5th day we reached Machu Picchu. Loads of photos, an accidental hike up the mountain and Raul’s personal tour of the ruins. We had made it. And it was insane.

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