The Cheapest Cocktails In Happy Hour

With Machu Picchu done and dusted, we headed for the capital. 21 hours on a bus with ultra reclining seats was more than welcome so we could catch up on all the sleep we’d lost over our gruelling 5 day Machu trek. When we arrived, we instantly noticed a difference, slightly wishing we could be back in Sunny Cuzco.

Lima was great though, the food festival in the park was amazing with free samples of slow cooked pork everywhere. I’d highly recommend visiting the large shopping mall. The hostel was a blast because with an American lady chatting us up all night and cheap cocktails in happy hour, we were set.

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Next was Mancora which was a slightly less appealing 18 hour bus journey away. However when we got there it was the silver living. Sun, Sand, the best burgers in Peru and some very cozy hammocks. With a lot of support from the group, I finally overcame my fear of the sea which is my biggest achievement so far. Now I just need to learn the right way to get in because clambering over rocks you can hardly see was not fun.

Some of the group enjoyed whale watching which although I wasn’t there for that, it sounded so good.

Mancora was a blast and although I then lost my phone and therefore my photos on the bus to Cuenca, I have all the memories I need with a group that is second to none. Next chapter Ecuador!


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