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Tower Bridge in London

Read on for an awesome update from Skyler! She has detailed what the group have been up to in week 1 on the August Europe Tour 2016 and even has a few useful travel tips for each place they went to!

On our first day in London the group went shopping on Oxford street, saw the Rosetta stone in the British museum (which is free!!) then walked over Tower Bridge and saw Buckingham palace. Even though it was raining these places were really beautiful and totally worth it. That night we had our first group dinner then went to play darts which was a bonding experience. Especially as we all sucked! Next, after a short ride to Paris the next day we went to a really nice restaurant with a very eccentric waiter.

The next day we started by going to the Eiffel Tower and eating in a really overpriced cafe. It was totally worth it; the food was amazing. Then we walked to the Arc De Triumph. Now if you go there and find the tunnel under the road, don’t run across it. You will trip and it hurts – trust me!!!

Following this we had a group dinner at Chartiers and it was the best one so far. The next morning, we went to the Louvre before we left for Barcelona. The train was rough (there was a baby crying for 8 hours!) but once we got there it got much better.

We started our day visiting Sagrada Familia which was huge and really pretty. If you get the chance, go in! Then we walked to Casa Batlló which was a lot smaller than we thought but still very pretty. Again, go inside if you have the time. We then headed to the gothic quarter which had a cool vibe and stunning architecture. We found amazing pizza there! Finally, we went to Parc de Montjouïc. It was one of those beautiful places I’ve ever been. Highly recommended!!  Apparently they do a show with lights at night so go check that out. Next was our escape day and we went to this amazing local beach. It was so relaxing and nice to be out the city for a day. Make sure you put lots of sun screen on though. Barcelona has not only been the cheapest but my favorite place so far. Absolutely amazing we’ve loved it all so far — can’t wait for Nice and the rest of the trip.


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