Did We Pass The Big Benthic Test?

Gap Year Diving in The Bahamas

Another week on fleek.

Monday was a busy day, we went diving, pointed out majestic algae species, completed the EFR course and stepped up our benthic knowledge game.  We ended the day with a lovely sunset, one of the best so far, slightly above average.  After another day of successful pointouts and diving, we treated ourselves with some underdone s’mores, still enjoyable but maybe we should let the Americans take over. Harassed by sand flies, everyone went to bed.


After this week’s quiz, half the camp members requested wheelchairs the next morning.

We started the day with diving and studying, because today was the day of the BIG BENTHIC TEST. Claire got 100% of the questions she answered right with the solo answer of turf algae.  After most everyone passed we watched The Cove and spread awareness of dolphin culling. After a few tears were shed we went for another night in the sweat box.

Friday was Simon and Charlotte’s last day, oh no wait we couldn’t get rid of her (jk). To make the last day count we had a huge bonfire thanks to Timmy’s construction and took some funny pictures. When the burning ass fire cooled down we started the undercooked s’more action again. Still good, thanks guys.

Saturday most of us pulled out our inner hero by starting the rescue dive course which was great fun. Zara and Will the pro rescuers shared their wisdom with the future heroes of Andros Island.  Finding her inner strength, Louisa carried Alex to shore and saved his life. Martin brought out his inner talent with the performance of a tired diver. To restore the energy, we shoved our faces with chicken wings, burgers, and yummy stuff. Drinks were consumed at Timmy’s and we all learned a little about each other during an intense game of never have I ever.  No one is sure what happened at the orgy but we do know blisters are being spread so wash yourselves. Let’s plow through the next week!


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