Woken Up By Three Orangutans!


A final update from Lena Korff on behalf of the team in Borneo!

Last week in the jungle and we realised 24 degrees is actually pretty cold once you’ve been in the jungle for 6 weeks, so much so that we had to wear our fleeces and drink tonnes of hot tea and snuggle up in your sleeping bag to keep warm. If you survive the night in these extreme temperatures then all is forgotten in the morning when you surprisingly see three Orang-utans as we did on that nice Sunday afternoon.

Furthermore we finished the walls of the cesspit which was the main part of our project. The next day we started putting the roof together. The exciting thing about this was the mysterious local helper wearing nothing but skin coloured leggings who spoke not a word of English. But somehow always knew what to do and how to explain it to us with hand gestures and pointing. To be honest he probably prevented the roof from collapsing in the near future.

Apart from helping us, the locals made us really cool bracelets out of ferns which are kind of painful to put on but compared to the bracelets awesomeness its totally worth it.

Patrolling For Orangutans in BorneoThe next day was a dark, dark day- first I completely destroyed my thumb trying to nail the roof together. Secondly Casey, the ever curious Orang-utan decided to randomly clean up our porch with the precious “rei in der tube” (clothes detergent) and finally after being chased away by Batsun who had already brightened up our day with doughnuts, Casey came back to take my shoe as hostage using it clean up river rocks.

On Thursday after a long, long period of time we finally finished the cesspit. As a reward the next day was patrol day which was great as it was exhausting. Because running up hills behind the locals was not our daily workout but once the patrol is finished its totally worth it and you want to do it all again. Today as it is our second to last day we finished the chicken coop which should give the chickens a nice safe home. Steve didn’t make it, sadly Elliot’s favourite chicken was to slow. #dinnertime. Now theres just one patrol and 3 days of travelling back to civilisation. Looking back we can say it was a great time with great people and great experiences.


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