44 Incredible Photos That Show What a Gap Year in Borneo is Really Like

Photos that show a gap year in borneo

Borneo is quite possibly one of the hardest places to imagine taking a gap year. As a result, perhaps one of the most common questions we get asked is “What is a gap year in Borneo really like?”.

Home to over 250,000 species of flora and fauna and 30 different tribal groups, Borneo is a jaw-dropping mix of raging rivers, precipitous mountain ranges, unexplored caves and dense jungles.

Katharina just finished a 6 week jungle adventure on our Borneo Orangutan Conservation gap year program, where she contributed to our Orangutan Rehabilitation Project deep in the jungle. Her time on the program saw her helping improve the infrastructure of jungle camps, and assisting on Orangutan patrols.

It is no surprise that Borneo made it on our original list of most popular gap year destinations in 2016. There’s no real way to describe this beautiful rainforest and the adventure of  volunteering in the jungle and living amongst the Orangutans. Luckily, Katharina took a plethora of photos on her instagram profile, telling a detailed story of her journey along the way.

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Are you wondering about what a gap year in Borneo is really like? We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions on your mind.

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