Pirate Island Pigeon Key

An update from the bahamas marine conservation program

Well well, another week has passed. This is not a reason to be sad, then a lot of stunning things were going on during the last seven days. But let’s start at the beginning.

What would you do if your best mate breaks his arm? First of all, you would probably help him of course. But do you know how to do that? That’s why we learned to react accordingly for many emergency situations in our Emergency First Response course. During the week many lessons were taught so we are able to help a person in different situations. We learned injury and illness assessment, bandaging and CPR. The statement “Hi I’m (your name), I’m a emergency first responder. May I help you?” is now stuck in our heads. But we didn’t only learn, we also had some funny excursions. We were searching for colourful fishes during our snorkelling trips in the creek and the sea, which was difficult sometimes because of the visibility. Some went bodysurfing on the reef break or jumping from the boat instead because they were sick of staring at a sandy cloud underwater.


More fun was the quiz night on Wednesday, where we had to perform a part of a musical. The selection went from the classic ones like Dirty Dancing and Rocky Horror picture show to newer ones like High School Musical and Lion King. Fish raps and sharade were presented in the best sense of humour.

On Thursday we taught the kids at the local school some fishes. Though they were more interested in playing and climbing onto our backs than in learning. In the evening it was our time to learn something, we watched the documentation ‘Racing Extinction’.

On Friday we had an awesome trip to the mysterious pirate island Pigeon Key. We prepared delicious salad for a barbecue on the remote island. When we arrived, we first explored the island and found a lot of conch shells, dead coral and sand. We even had the chance to search for a hidden pirate treasure, which has been found by a very ambitious treasure hunter. Some went fishing, came back with half-body fishes and others examined the deep holes, where the water was splashing out with every incoming wave. We have even seen the most beautiful sunset at this very evening. Well, up to now 😉


On Saturday we drove with Shelly and the Burb to the Uncle Charlie’s blue hole in the middle of nowhere. We jumped of the unstable platform, played some games in the water and improved our freediving skills. Some very brave divers managed to get down to the halocline, which is the border between fresh and salt water. To finish this amazing day we went to a exclusive restaurant, where we enjoyed delicious meals, e.g. conch fritters, lobster and fettucine. The food was definitely worth waiting for. Running out of gas on the way back home, we had an awesome improvised highway party in the moonshine. Lucky us, Will brought some extra gas to finally get back home. Back in camp, we enjoyed the warmth at the fire that Timmy made for us. Some interesting conversations later we felt into our beds and reviewed this amazing week in our dreams. On Sunday, there was not much going on, so we had a nice chill-out day for ourselves and we had some spare-time to call our mums and dads.

Thanks for reading!
Fabienne & Jerome aka Mum & Dad


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