Our Spooktacular Halloween Party in the Bahamas

Bahamas Gap Year

This was our first official week in Andros Island for our program, and it was a very successful week! We all arrived at different times throughout the week and the reunion was amazing, getting to see eachother again was incredible after being two weeks apart. The four new people were welcomed with open arms. By now it feel like the four new people have always been part of our group.

On Monday we had a spooktacular Halloween party. We all dressed up in numerous different costumes. We had a couple hippies, a ghost, a zombie bride, a scary pumpkin, a Greek goddess, and other creative and creepy creatures!

Island style halloween. Photo via @aloha.maile

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On Tuesday we got to go to the Rainbow Blue Hole. It is 200 meters deep. We drove to the trail and from there it is a narrow nature trail we walk to get there. It was absolutely mesmerizing!

Next, on Wednesday we got to go snorkelling down the creek, the current pulled us all the way to the ocean! We saw some barracuda and Palamita fish, and some small snappers. Later on Wednesday night we had our weekly quiz night. This consisted of random trivia questions and dressing up and choreographing a lip sync dance. It was quite an entertaining night.

Thursday morning we went out on the boat for a quick orientation of our dive spots and the sea around our camp. The sea was super bumpy, it was like a boat rollercoaster ride so we all got soaked without even getting in the water! In the afternoon we got the privilege to go to the local primary school and play with the kids. We had so much fun helping the kids learn and running around playing with them. Its amazing how much energy these kids have, they kept us on our toes! They loved piggy back rides and playing chase.

Friday the weather was beautiful, we went out on the boat to go snorkelling at the Barrier Reef. It was the first time we all got to see the underwater world all together up close. The amount of fish we saw was incredible and being able to even point them out was quite rewarding. The colourful parrot fish were our personal favourites.

Fish in the bahamas

Saturday was such a blast, we took the ringo inter tube out on the boat and each got to go for a ride on it. The weather was perfect and being in the ringo was like a crazy waterslide. Later that night we had a nice barbecue and bonfire party on the beach. The burgers tasted so savoury! The theme was Guy Fawkes night so we all dressed up as evil people, the costumes were hilarious! We had some evil queens, bandits prisoners, gangsters, and even the mafia made an appearance. We roasted marshmellows and played songs on the guitar, it was a beautiful bonding night.

Ringo tubing in the bahamas

Sunday was our day off, we all slept in and had a nice big brunch of breakfast tacos! We relaxed all day and unwinded from our eventful and fun week, getting ready for the next one to come!

Thanks for reading everyone, this first full week was already memorable and we cannot wait for what is new to come!

Signing off,

Maile McGlynn and Lars Jager.


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