Saving Tarzan’s Life

Week 3 has come to an end and it was packed with all sorts of activity.

On Monday everyone took the EFR exam and passed! All volunteers are now emergency response trained and are ready to go out and save lives #lifesavers. Later in the day, Tarzan was hit by a truck on camp and there were multiple injuries. But no need to worry- it was set up by the staff and the volunteers’ skills came into play to save the day. That night, the werewolves visited Gainesville and took all of the villagers. Playing “The Village” on Monday nights is now a new camp tradition.

Tuesday was a big day in the water. The reefs were beautiful and clear. It gave us lots of opportunities to point out the fish we have learned and practice our fish ID skills. We also completed our fish lectures so all there is left to do is study. The evening was spent painting our kitchen counter so we have all left our mark.

On Wednesday, the world cried and gave us a gloomy morning. But that didn’t stop us from going out on another snorkel. The guardians of the reef will never be stopped #cantstopwontstop. A special delivery was made midday which brought much excitement to camp.. THE COMPRESSOR ARRIVED!!! This means diving will come soon…hopefully. The day ended with guys wearing bras and pajama shorts, guys doing girls’ makeup, and teams showing off their acting skills in silent movies. Quiz night never fails to entertain with silly acts and questions.

Teams of four split off Thursday morning to pick up scraps all over the island for a raft building competition. Later on, we headed to the primary school to play with the crazy kids of Staniard Creek. The children learned diving hand signals, played sea animal Pictionary, and jumped on all our backs until we were exhausted. Thursday is documentary night but while some learned about sharks, others fell into the ocean playing spinning games.

We stuffed 24 people into 2 cars again to make a day trip to another blue hole on Friday- Captain Bill’s blue hole. Everyone seemed to enjoy jumping 5 meters into the water and having fresh sandwiches which was a nice change from noodles and veg. That evening, Paul arrived from the UK to help us get the compressor up and running. Friday night was also Girl’s Night while the guys played poker in the bar. Face masks, nails, massages and braids were given and tears were shed as they watched The Notebook. The guys enjoyed NOT doing any of that.

Another day trip was made on Saturday to Mastic Point where some snorkelled, some fished and others just relaxed and tanned. A favourite was ice cream on the way home. Then it was party night and everyone had fun with ABC night (anything but clothes). Skirts and dresses were made out of mosquito nets, sheets and palms.

On Sunday, everyone relaxed, talked to their family, and are now looking forward to a week of finally diving!

Thanks for reading, Thorzan (Paul) and Quincy


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