A Sensational Week of Diving in The Bahamas

Well what a sensational jam packed week we have had! This week kicked off with the commencement of the compressor thanks to the magician Paul who managed to kick start the life back into the old compressor and the new one.

That meant only one thing … lots of diving!

Monday began bright and early with a 6am start. Filled with perfect warm sloppy porridge we began the day with a dive shed orientation, which was then followed by the first dives of the week. The new divers began open water lessons whilst the already certified divers did a reactive skills dive and knowledge review.

After a long day everyone was pretty pumped up for another game of The Village lead by the one and only mysterious chronicler …Jay, accompanied with the harmonious sounds of the guitar. That night the villagers did very well to kill off all the big bad wolves and save the town of la gainsvilla for the first time.

Tuesday was another big day of diving, however we had the added bonus of our first camp birthday! Colby turned 19 and he literally had no idea about the special birthday burritos and chocolate cake that was made for his special day. Lets just say he and everyone else were pleasantly surprised.

Wednesdays’ windy weather took a turn for the worst and diving was not on the cards. A scuba gear clean club arose instead, lead by our dedicated and cleaver dive instructor the lovey ‘Liv’. That night we had weekly Wednesday trivia in Timmy’s bar. The drinks were flowing and so were the people with a large turn out from our friends at Forfar gathering in the crowed space for a sell out entertainment themed quiz.

On Thursday the Olympic torch came to camp for an epic morning of beach Olympics. With competitors from J.R.R Tolkin novels to intergalactic planets and made up words the morning was quite a fierce sight. We even had a special guest appearance from the man himself Timmy in the long-jump, taking out himself rather then the record. Some of the most memorable moments for the day, was Quincy’s radical long jump sand plant, the Paul vs Paul wrestling face off and the flailing flipper relay race where Phil managed to fall three times in a row backwards, however still his team managed to clinched the win. Finally the blockbuster event of tug-o-war that saw the underdogs from Jupiter held strong to pinch the win from the current leaders.

The overall winners who emerged from the depths of Mordor, were the team from Middle earth who managed to fight down the orks and become the real lords of the ring. Aka the winners.

That afternoon we went to the local school and helped the children make paper turkeys to celebrate thanksgiving after which we came home to have our own thanksgiving feast. There was shepherds pie, doughnuts and the most amazing apple crumble, resulting in a food coma felt by everyone.

Friday we took Shelly and the Burb to Androsia Boutique where we learned how to make batik prints and even had a go ourselves. People made bags and t-shirts by stamping sponge stamps into hot wax and then stamping the material. A few sharks and dolphins turned into slugs but everyone had loads of fun and learnt lots! Following that we headed down to lighthouse beach for a fun day in the sun.

That night we had one of the best dinners yet, we went to a genuinely awesome beach bar called Sammy’s where Sammy himself cooked for us with such swiftness. We had the best Conch salad as well as chicken and grilled fish, super delicious despite maybe waiting a while for the food.

Saturday was a bittersweet day as we said farewell to one beloved camp member – Marie, however we did get to have a full day of diving kicking of the first dive at 7am. That night I think everyone was asleep at 8pm ready for another jam- packed day of diving on Sunday.

The week was absolutely massive with heaps going on. Signing off on another glorious week on Andros.

Kes from Canada and Jana from Australia x


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