South Africa

Climbing Lions Head and Table Mountain in South Africa

Read our first update from the week 1 on ourSouth Africa Adventure program, courtesy of Shirin Schälen! On our first week in South Africa we all met each other in a hostel in Capetown. In our group there’s Eva, Juliette, Sam, Dante, Xavier, Shirin and our guide Sean. Sean decided that the best way to get to know each other is … Read More

Red eyed tree frog Costa Rica

Tales From a Jungle Survivor – by Michela Vincent

After a stressful, delayed flight to San Jose and a morning spent hanging out with my new wilderness medicine pals, the trip, for me really kicked off on our 4 hour bus ride to the Caribbean coast. The views were spectacular; I couldn’t tear my eyes from the road. The rapidly changing…

5 Reasons To Do A Ski Instructor Course On Your Gap Year

Ski Gap Year: 5 Reasons To Do A Ski Instructor Course

I had been lucky enough to go on a number of ski holidays with my family as a kid and knew from the start that skiing was my favourite thing in the world! As long as I can remember I had wanted to take a Gap Year after college, so naturally, I spent both years there thinking about nothing else but a ski season!

Adventure Gap Year in South America

Don’t Let The Zika Virus Stop You From Taking A Gap Year In South America

Anyone who has recently been considering taking a gap year in South America or travelling to any region of Central America or the Caribbean in recent months has undoubtedly been advised of the potential new health threat – The Zika virus. The Zika virus has made headlines globally due to its rapid spread. At first these headlines may indeed sound alarming, but what’s the … Read More

7 Tips For Gap Year Australia

7 Tips For Your Gap Year In Australia

For an extraordinarily long time, Australia has been one of the most popular destinations for people to go on their gap year. Whether it is a gap year before university or a gap year later in life, all ages and stages will meet you in in the land-down-under. Australia offers the stability of a familiar western country (not to mention English-speaking) … Read More

Malia Obama Gap Year

What Does Malia Obama’s Gap Year Mean for Americans Everywhere?

It was the Early May Bank Holiday over the weekend, here in the UK. For our US readers that aren’t familiar with what that means – it’s a big deal. Bank holidays mean offices close and the weekend is longer (yay!). But this particular bank holiday is known for officially welcoming Summer and

Tips for a gap year in the bahamas

Tips For A Gap Year in The Bahamas

We’ve been running gap year programs in The Bahamas for over 15 years, and in that time it’s fair to say we’ve learnt a lot about how to have an amazing impact through marine conservation efforts, whilst also having the time of your life.
Read on for mangrove swamps, pristine coral reefs, sharks and a huge variety of marine habitats…

Are Gap Years a Waste of Time?

Are Gap Years a Waste of Time?

Gap years hit the headlines in full storm last week as Martin Sorrell, a British Businessman, stepped out to share his view on taking a year out after A-levels. He believes it isn’t helping teenagers expand their education…

Reasons to travel in January

Considering Volunteering Abroad over Christmas?

Winter is coming. If you’re taking or planning a gap year, one of your decisions is how to schedule the year to make sure that you utilise the time correctly. If you’re doing work experience for part of the year, it may be to save up your spending money before going abroad to partake in volunteering or backpacking. Alternatively, you … Read More

What is a Maasai Boma? What to expect living with the Maasai

Going on a Gapforce Expedition is like no other opportunity. We have incredible links with the communities we support and we’re proud to see our volunteers continually be welcomed into their cultures with such open arms. Our Tanzania project in Africa is particularly popular due to the opportunity to live and work with Maasai, whom we have been working with … Read More