5 Alternatives to University that will Brighten Your Day

5 Alternatives to University that will Brighten Up Your Day

It’s official. A-Level results day 2017 has hit the United Kingdom, and students throughout the UK will be celebrating or commiserating their A-level results this week. For many, the next big question is simple: what’s my next move – and what alternatives to university are available to me? While many will be heading off to university, the media is reporting … Read More

Top reasons to visit Sumatra before you die

Top 10 reasons to visit Sumatra before you die

Sumatra is one of the least visited islands in Indonesia, yet one of the most attractive and upcoming destinations for adventure travellers and gap year go-ers alike! As the big brother to Bali situated in Western Indonesia, expect to come face-to-face with Orangutans in the rainforest and experience island life like you’ve never seen it before. 1. The exotic wildlife There … Read More

Staying Safe While Traveling

How to Stay Safe While Traveling

Anyone who heads abroad to a foreign destination for a holiday or gap year without paying due attention to personal and travel safety issues could be taking unnecessary risks and leaving themselves exposed to a potential problem that…

Volunteering in Thailand on a gap year

Courtney’s Experience Volunteering in Thailand

Courtney joined the Gapforce Thailand Adventure gap year program in the summer of 2016. As a fulltime Geography graduate student and regular traveller documenting her adventure on her blog, we were delighted that she took a moment to share…

Tips for a Gap Year in South Africa

What To Do During A Gap Year in South Africa

The “Rainbow Nation” has a huge abundance of wildlife: from hippos to penguins to lions to crocs, waddling and prowling through the country’s Cape coast, mountains and myriad other terrains. It…

Volunteering With Children in Ghana

A Gap Year In Ghana: An Insight From Elinor Raeside [REPOST]

I made the decision to take a gap year in 2015 whilst in my last year of A Levels, when I was declined by all five of the universities I had applied for to study midwifery due to a lack of work experience. I was actually pretty relieved…

5 Reasons To Do A Ski Instructor Course On Your Gap Year

Ski Gap Year: 5 Reasons To Do A Ski Instructor Course

I had been lucky enough to go on a number of ski holidays with my family as a kid and knew from the start that skiing was my favourite thing in the world! As long as I can remember I had wanted to take a Gap Year after college, so naturally, I spent both years there thinking about nothing else but a ski season!

Adventure Gap Year in South America

Don’t Let The Zika Virus Stop You From Taking A Gap Year In South America

Anyone who has recently been considering taking a gap year in South America or travelling to any region of Central America or the Caribbean in recent months has undoubtedly been advised of the potential new health threat – The Zika virus. The Zika virus has made headlines globally due to its rapid spread. At first these headlines may indeed sound alarming, but what’s the … Read More

7 Tips For Gap Year Australia

7 Tips For Your Gap Year In Australia

For an extraordinarily long time, Australia has been one of the most popular destinations for people to go on their gap year. Whether it is a gap year before university or a gap year later in life, all ages and stages will meet you in in the land-down-under. Australia offers the stability of a familiar western country (not to mention English-speaking) … Read More