Volunteer Stories!! Ollie’s trip to India

Hi everyone, we’re all in very high spirits here at Gapforce HQ as the sun is absolutely BEATING down in London. Today’s blog is a special one because it’s written by one of our volunteers who is currently in India with Greenforce. Below is an update we received from him earlier this week. “I spent the second week living with … Read More

Volunteer Stories: Lucy from Tanzania

Some great feedback about the Tanzania project from our girl Lucy. See what she thought below: Cheers for the feedback Lucy!! If anyone else wants to find out more about the Tanzania Expedition you can see the project here. Or if you’d like to chat to someone at Gapforce like Lucy did, then pop us an email at blog@gapforce.org or … Read More

Volunteer Stories!! Julia in Tanzania

“The first there weeks in Moshi were great, to say the least. It was the perfect introduction to life in Africa. Everyone we met, including both the villagers and the staff, was welcoming and helpful. The work was hard but rewarding. At first I was hesitant because it seemed like our individual projects weren’t going to be relevant to the … Read More

Tales From Tanzania

Thanks to Jay and Fran for these wonderful exceprts, full of vitality and wonder: Close Encounters Although we see numerous Elephants countless times in the Ranch during our sat camps and it’s always a treat to see them close up at our base camp of Emunyani. Whilst returning from a scouting hike into the Esilalei mountains above camp I began … Read More

Trekkers Blogs- Jungle Training

As promised, here are some extracts from the blogs written by the trekkers in Belize….. Note from Ed the country manager: If your nearest and dearest is in Belize with Trekforce and did not enter a paragraph below then it is undoubtedly because they were having too much fun to stop and write one. They all apologise profusely. Ste Smith: … Read More