Red eyed tree frog Costa Rica

Tales From a Jungle Survivor – by Michela Vincent

After a stressful, delayed flight to San Jose and a morning spent hanging out with my new wilderness medicine pals, the trip, for me really kicked off on our 4 hour bus ride to the Caribbean coast. The views were spectacular; I couldn’t tear my eyes from the road. The rapidly changing…

The best Folie Douce trip yet

The Best Folie Douce Trip Yet

It is safe to say that our stress levels had intensified as we came towards the business end of our BASI level 2 examinations. Although, Hen’s return definitely did help to lighten the mood, as did our BASI examiner Will, who proved to be a revelation as far as the girls in the group were concerned…

Gap Year Programs

The Legendary Gappy Games

Our week started on Tuesday due to Gav being ill Monday morning. Although always eager to ski with Gav, a few of us, myself included, breathed a sigh of relief after yet another, lively Sunday night in Tignes. With Gav…

Gap Year Ski Instructor Course in Tignes

Skiforce Sundays, a Janky Elevator

Read on for the latest update from our Ski Instructor Training Course: Our week really began on Sunday night. Malen, Addie and I convinced the whole group to go out and go out we did. It made for an interesting Monday afternoon with Gavin as he began our intro into off piste; whilst most of us were beginning to feel … Read More

Gap Year Ski Instructor Training Course

One Month Anniversary

Read on for the latest update from our Ski Instructor Training Course: Having spent the last couple of weeks focusing on mostly central theme, starting our fourth week with an introduction to moguls skiing seemed to be a convenient change for all of us. Within the first few minutes Joe managed to give us an epic demonstration of how to … Read More

Bahamas Volunteers

Update from our volunteers: Bahamas Week 6

Monday: Monday was a day dedicated to science with our first practice fish survey. Everyone enjoyed testing their fish species knowledge underwater. These dives were exciting because they were one step closer to the actual fish surveys. After a long day at sea everyone got their grub on and ended the night with a camp meeting. Tuesday: Today was an … Read More

Bahamas Week 4

Monday – Diving really wasn’t great on Monday, the waves were huge and everyone felt super sea sick, as a consequence I did find out that the regulators we use have valves in case someone was to throw up underwater so I guess that’s kinda interesting. The day wasn’t all bad though as the staff decided to cook dinner for … Read More

Europe Tour 2015

Day 1: We arrived in London. We dropped our bags off at the hostel and started to explore London while we waited for others to arrive. We saw King’s Cross station, Trafalgar Square and the National British Museum that day before we went out for a group dinner. Then some of us went walking around London at night. Day 2: … Read More

Belize 2015

After a great R&R sesh in Guatemala the gang made a quick turn around and headed to Yaxché for some extra Marcus-time. Everyone loved how much we learned last time we were at Yaxché so when Dan and Lydia asked us if we wanted to try to squeeze in one more trip into our busy schedule the answer was a unanimous yes. … Read More

Belize 2015

Hey guys it’s been awhile but I wanna give you guys a quick update on what’s been going on. We celebrated mr joes birthday and as always my burgers were at the top of their game.  But that doesn’t come close to what we did next.  We headed off to cockscomb jaguar reservation to do some project work with the … Read More