Australia Adventure 2019

Backpacking Australia: Where to Go & What to See?

Planning a trip to Australia? Well mate, you are going to need to learn a few things before you visit. Buckle up for an ancient land full of urban wonders. Australia is uniquely unexpected and a delight for the senses. Perth taxi truck courier is made up of a large team of professional drivers. They have a wide range of different … Read More

Open Water Diving in the Bahamas

Secret Valentine in the Bahamas

Stay up-to-date with this summary of the fifth week on our Bahamas Marine Conservation program in January 2017. Our fifth week started with an exciting day for all of us. Monday began with an IUCN lecture about vulnerable to endangered fish species, which was followed by a point out dive in buddy teams with no instructors around for the first time. All … Read More

Thea in the Bahamas

Becoming Certified and Advanced Divers in the Bahamas

Stay up-to-date with this summary of the third week on our Bahamas Marine Conservation program in January 2017. This week was full of diving, from sand patches to corals, from 2m to 30m, we saw sharks and lion fish and many more. Some of us became certified divers and others advanced and some of us are even determined to learn more. Then … Read More

Gap year adventures in the bahamas

Ocean Shaggies in The Bahamas

Sitting in Jay’s bedroom writing this while doing knowledge reviews I realise it would be easy to make this blog melancholic, for three people left this week and will be sorely missed. But looking back over the week there were some truly amazing moments that I…

A Sensational Week of Diving in The Bahamas

Well what a sensational jam packed week we have had! This week kicked off with the commencement of the compressor thanks to the magician Paul who managed to kick start the life back into…

An Exciting Week Of Diving, Puppies, Dolphins And Good Food

Monday we started with two dives in the morning. In the afternoon we had our non priority fish lecture and we feel like we know all of the fish in the sea. After our camp meeting everyone relaxed and had an early night.
Tuesday morning there was two dives and after lunch we went to the Bahamas National Trust to set up for the spay and neuter clinic. When we returned we had a volleyball match which was fun for everyone. After playing volleyball, we had a beach clean and nobody found any money or any treasures…

Bahamas Marine Conservation Gap Year

They Pulled Out Her Hair!

The week began in great style at around 8pm on Saturday with a delicious barbecue followed by a camp fire on the beach where we all had a chance to get to know eachother. People from all around converged on Timmy’s bar that night, including locals and people from Autec Navy Base. For us new guys there was no better way of getting to know everybody than partying the night away, thus by sunrise we were all firm friends…

Bahamas Volunteers on their gap year

Giants Of The Ocean

Monday began with everyone passing their Open Water, and Advanced Open Water courses to much celebration. Immediately, the Open Water Divers began on their Advanced certifications, in preparation for the survey and science in the upcoming weeks. We finished off the day with a visit to the Bahamas National Trust centre where we met Liz. Liz told us all the interesting places to visit on Andros, and about the wildlife to lookout for when walking in the bush, like cat size Iguanas, large snakes and Wild Hogs.