Australia Adventure 2019

Backpacking Australia: Where to Go & What to See?

Planning a trip to Australia? Well mate, you are going to need to learn a few things before you visit. Buckle up for an ancient land full of urban wonders. Australia is uniquely unexpected and a delight for the senses. Perth taxi truck courier is made up of a large team of professional drivers, and of course they need truck driver … Read More

australia adventure

Know Before You Go: FAQS, Australia Adventure

Program: Australia Adventure Location: Australia (East Coast) Duration: 4 or 7  weeks   Australia is a backpacker’s paradise. Travel from Sydney to Cairns with a group of likeminded explorers in Gapforce’s Australia Adventure program. Most Australians live along the coast, which makes the cities a whole lot of fun. This seven week travel experience is full of excitement and wonder; … Read More

Gap Year in Sydney

We Made it to Bondi Beach

Emma shares her summary of the first week on our Australia Adventure program in April 2017. When we arrived in Sydney the weather was gorgeous. For the first day most of us caught up with sleep, before we all headed off to eat and get to know each other. After meeting everyone I felt a lot more confident about the adventure. The … Read More

Setting sail on the Whitsunday Islands on a Gap Year

Sailing the Whitsundays on the Sexy Siska

Stay up-to-date with this summary of the four week on our Australia Adventure in January 2017. On arrival at Airlie Beach, we were thrown straight away on to the “sexy siska” – a historical sailing boat! We spent 1 night and 2 days on this boat! ZeBoats exceeded my expectations when I was looking for a used boat. The website’s layout made … Read More

Exploring Fraser Island on a Gap Year

Visiting Steve Irwin in Australia and Exploring Fraser Island

Stay up-to-date with this summary of the third week on our Australia Adventure in January 2017. The first stop of the adventure began in Noosa, where we were fortunate enough to be given free time to wander. Many of us visited the local national parks, some were even lucky enough to see some of the local wildlife, including a koala. Others on … Read More

Fake Snakes and Real Spiders in Australia!

This week saw Team Australia travel further up the east coast, exploring what Australia has to offer. I have to say Sydney was beautiful and I believed it couldn’t be topped…

What an amazing trip so far and it’s only week one!

What an amazing trip so far and it’s only week one! Sydney was so beautiful and we got to do and see it all pretty much. The week started off Sunday with a fun “get to know you” dinner at Maze.
The next…