Have You Tried Bahamian Antibiotics?

Compared to our first week, this has been more relaxed, with everyone finding their roles in the group. Monday and Tuesday consisted of the open water divers getting their qualification, passing the dives and exams with flying colours…

Dolphins in the bahamas on gap year

There Were 30 Crabs!!

This week we began our basic open water training, enjoyed a variety of gourmet cuisine, and partook in many fun, island themed activities. As far as dive training went, this week’s highlight definitely came in the form of the dolphins that randomly showed up close to camp on Friday. The experience was…

We found a starfish in the bahamas on our gap year

This Has Been An Awesome Week.

This has been an awesome week.
On Monday and Tuesday we had three dives a day, where we did our coral/benthic surveys, which was pretty cool. Unfortunately movie night on Tuesday got cancelled because of the rain, so we will save the movie for next week. Before the rain hit us, we were chilling on the beach as there suddenly were about six dolphins swimming close to shore.

Looking Fresh In Our Androsia Shirts

Monday started with two dives in the morning to do some non-priority fish point outs. When we got back to camp we all did some serious cramming as our non-priority fish test was later on that afternoon. We all passed with flying colours so now we know almost every fish on the reef! We had our camp meeting to talk about the awesome week that had gone by and Victoria introduced us to a game called assassins where we each got given a place and item to ‘kill’ someone…

An Exciting Week Of Diving, Puppies, Dolphins And Good Food

Monday we started with two dives in the morning. In the afternoon we had our non priority fish lecture and we feel like we know all of the fish in the sea. After our camp meeting everyone relaxed and had an early night.
Tuesday morning there was two dives and after lunch we went to the Bahamas National Trust to set up for the spay and neuter clinic. When we returned we had a volleyball match which was fun for everyone. After playing volleyball, we had a beach clean and nobody found any money or any treasures…

Bahamas Marine Conservation Gap Year

They Pulled Out Her Hair!

The week began in great style at around 8pm on Saturday with a delicious barbecue followed by a camp fire on the beach where we all had a chance to get to know eachother. People from all around converged on Timmy’s bar that night, including locals and people from Autec Navy Base. For us new guys there was no better way of getting to know everybody than partying the night away, thus by sunrise we were all firm friends…

Fish Identification in The Bahamas

We Found Two MASSIVE Lion Fish

Monday was a fun day for Zara, Michaela, Nanna and Luke as they had the pleasure of seeing a Reef Shark, Hawksbill Turtle and a Southern Stingray all in one dive. Everyone else had a good dive but not as good as theirs. That afternoon we had a fish identification mock exam which we all did well apart from Ben who tried his best but might need some more revision.

Bahamas Volunteers on their gap year

Giants Of The Ocean

Monday began with everyone passing their Open Water, and Advanced Open Water courses to much celebration. Immediately, the Open Water Divers began on their Advanced certifications, in preparation for the survey and science in the upcoming weeks. We finished off the day with a visit to the Bahamas National Trust centre where we met Liz. Liz told us all the interesting places to visit on Andros, and about the wildlife to lookout for when walking in the bush, like cat size Iguanas, large snakes and Wild Hogs.

The Bahamas Gap Year Group April 2016

Have You Ever Played Coconut Shotput?

The weather this week was pretty average so we weren’t able to to dive unfortunately. We began the week by starting our Emergency First Responder course, which was very entertaining. On Tuesday we attempted to dive but ended up with people throwing up off the back off the boat, so we thought we were better off sticking to land-based activities…

Welcome to the Bahamas for your Gap Year

Limbo, Trivia Nights and Blue Holes

We arrived on Saturday afternoon, and we were welcomed by the staff with a BBQ and speciality fruit punch.

At night, we had a bonfire where we went around the circle and introduced ourselves and got to know each other a little better.

Sunday was a relaxing day where everyone got settled in and unpacked, and enjoyed the…