Belize 2015

For the next phase of our expedition leader training we were joined by three medical students (medics) from Cardiff for the expedition medicine part of their course, and later a fourth medical student on a gap year. After an evening meal together we set off the next day for waterfall camp for the medic’s basic jungle training, which was also … Read More

Belize Trekker Group (Week 1) – Basic Jungle Training

Written by Michelle Bos When, on the 12th of July, the crew returned to San Ignacio there is no denying there was a swagger in our step. When I say swagger, imagine the grimy hero of an action movie walking away from an explosion whilst putting on his sunglasses. The resemblance between us and that action hero was uncanny, except … Read More

ELT January group: 3nd week

Day 15 9.2.13 I did survive, night went fine, and I even had time to make myself a wood shelter and a shelf. A good intro to belt kit night although will have no hammocks, sleeping bags etc. We packed up and headed off to Waterfall camp! And what a camp! Quite hard walk but we kept singing which did … Read More

ELT January group: 2nd week

Day 8 2/2/13 Rain continues! The visitor center is now Glastonbury, my jungle boots are mud boots really! New rivers have actually formed through parts of camp, some hammocks are now on island and Dave has one going right under him! Tried drying wet clothes in hammock with me, not nice! Just makes hammock all wet! Few more lessons and … Read More

ELT January group: 1st week

Day 1 26/1/13 Made it to Miami after quite a long flight, not much entertainment though! Managed to get out the airport after what seemed hours of queues and after some confusion got to our hotel. Hotel was really nice so last bit of luxury before the jungle. Tried out the outdoor pool in the evening which was good after … Read More

Trekforce Expedition Leader Training – Belize Overview!

Hello Avid Readers! Herein lies the “blog” for the TEL 9 course, which, as you can see, is about to be updated for the first time…ever! With only one month to go. Sorry about that! So really, it’s more of and overview than a blog, what with the lack of regular updates and amusing photographs, but you get the idea. … Read More

Trekforce Expedition Leader Training Review

Trekforce Expedition Leader Training Review

Have you ever considered jacking in the rat race and doing something amazing for your career? Like leading expeditions that will change people’s lives and that grant you with the ability to travel the world and help to protect rainforests, create marine parks and support communities in some of the most stunning and remote places on the planet. At Trekforce, we … Read More

Belize & Guatemala – Jungle Training & Machete Skills

Week One – Barton Creek and Elijio Panti Barton Creek The group arrived safely in Belize and had a few days acclimatizing to both the weather and living in the jungle. Mark handed out our new blunt machetes, after teaching us the best technique to sharpen them; it took us the rest of the day trying out the techniques getting … Read More

Welcome to the new look Gapforce Blog!

  We heard that some people sure do like hearing about our volunteers and all the crazy stuff they get up to on our projects, so we thought we’d launch our brand new Gapforce Blog to do just that! Expect ex-volunteer stories, new projects and general ramblings. As well as that we’ll have info on our London office and the … Read More