Borneo Jungle Gap Year


I awake in the Flying Camp. What is the Fly camp I hear you ask? Well, dear read, the Fly Camp is hessin sack suspended two branches above the ground; keeping one safe from the wet soggy ground below and all that lurks there- our only protection from Borneo’s vicious rains and howling winds.

Volunteering in Borneo

The Orang-utan Was In Her Room

It’s been a very exciting week. As you may have already heard from your loved ones, we have had some unexpected guests, Casey and Hamzah, the cutest orang-utan couple in all of Borneo; have found us foreigners quite interesting. For about 2 and a half days, they would visit us at camp. Sometimes they got too close though and would become destructive. So Desty encouraged us to scare them away. Batsum, the chef, is the best at this job…

Building houses in the Borneo Jungle

Flying Fox in Borneo

Hello! After a very long journey, we all finally met in Balikpapan to begin our Gapforce Borneo adventure. We assumed our journey was nearly over. We were wrong. A 17 hour car journey later, we arrived in the tiny village of Muara Wahau, where we would spend 2 nights to organise our jungle equipments. Then we took a gorgeous drive on the back of rusty yet reliable 4 x 4’s through firstly…

Borneo July 2013 Group

Arrival: After arrival in Palanka raya most of us happened to bump into each other on the plane coming over  which was great! That afternoon we waited for the rest of the group to arrive and then went back to  the base at Nyaru Mentang. This is where we saw our first orangutans, we set up in our little cabin … Read More

Borneo Expedition – Mount Murud Trek – Part 2 (the summit!)

Day 4 – The Summit (Camp 2 – Summit – Rock Garden – Church Camp) Day four saw us awake totally unrefreshed, cold and wet and shortly afterward regretting that we ever got up at all. A blessed troop of gibbons did their best to get us going however, by swinging through the canopy overhead singing their glorious morning song. … Read More

Borneo Expedition – Mount Murud Trek – Part 1

Day 1 – Setting out for Mount Murud (Bario – Ukat – Pa’ Lungan) We arose to a glorious sunny morning with an abundant – and utterly naïve – sense of optimism. The eagerly anticipated trek – that would see us scale the highest peak in Sarawak (8110 feet) – was finally upon us and an air of excitement filled … Read More

Welcome to the new look Gapforce Blog!

  We heard that some people sure do like hearing about our volunteers and all the crazy stuff they get up to on our projects, so we thought we’d launch our brand new Gapforce Blog to do just that! Expect ex-volunteer stories, new projects and general ramblings. As well as that we’ll have info on our London office and the … Read More