Woken Up By Three Orangutans!

Last week in the jungle and we realised 24 degrees is actually pretty cold once you’ve been in the jungle for 6 weeks, so much so that we had to wear our fleeces and drink tonnes of hot tea and snuggle up in your sleeping bag to keep warm. If you survive the night in these extreme temperatures then all is forgotten in the morning when you surprisingly…

Gap Year in Nusa Lembongan

Finding Inner Peace In Nusa Lembongan On Your Gap Year

Nusa Lembongan is a small chilled island in the south of Bali.

When you arrive you immediately feel that life there is all about the sea and everything that is related to it. It’s the perfect place for relaxing days.

You can either sunbathe at the white sand beaches, go for a swim in the crystal clear water…

Borneo Jungle Gap Year


I awake in the Flying Camp. What is the Fly camp I hear you ask? Well, dear read, the Fly Camp is hessin sack suspended two branches above the ground; keeping one safe from the wet soggy ground below and all that lurks there- our only protection from Borneo’s vicious rains and howling winds.

Volunteering in Borneo

The Orang-utan Was In Her Room

It’s been a very exciting week. As you may have already heard from your loved ones, we have had some unexpected guests, Casey and Hamzah, the cutest orang-utan couple in all of Borneo; have found us foreigners quite interesting. For about 2 and a half days, they would visit us at camp. Sometimes they got too close though and would become destructive. So Desty encouraged us to scare them away. Batsum, the chef, is the best at this job…

Building houses in the Borneo Jungle

Flying Fox in Borneo

Hello! After a very long journey, we all finally met in Balikpapan to begin our Gapforce Borneo adventure. We assumed our journey was nearly over. We were wrong. A 17 hour car journey later, we arrived in the tiny village of Muara Wahau, where we would spend 2 nights to organise our jungle equipments. Then we took a gorgeous drive on the back of rusty yet reliable 4 x 4’s through firstly…