Can you Travel and Reduce your Carbon Footprint?

Here at Gapforce we are constantly seeking ways to lessen our impact on the environment, reduce our carbon footprint and become more Eco-friendly. We are also equally determined that participants on our programs, whether they be trekking to Everest Base Camp or volunteering on a private game reserve in South Africa, contribute to a more Eco-friendly environment and make steps … Read More

Update from Bahamas Marine Conservation Program

Roaming along the river bank

Monday In the morning the most of us were happy to wake up without a hangover and more sleep, so there were smiles all around. For the first half of the day the beginners were briefed on how to assemble their dive gear for the first time. After they finished there session, they were thrilled to have learnt something new. … Read More

Bahamas Gap Year

You’re So Beautiful Like A Butterfly

It has been a busy first week in The Bahamas. Our marine conservation volunteers have been getting used to their new home, food and lifestyle! Recent updates:   Saturday After a very short night the morning group met at the international airport in Nassau before heading to our camp on Andros Island. When we arrived at our camp the first thing to do was hanging on … Read More

Gap Year Diving in The Bahamas

Update from our volunteers: Bahamas Week 8

Monday:  We started off the week by finally diving again, which was very exciting considering the fact that we haven’t dove for 2 weeks.  One of the groups started a peg war under water!  People were being sneaky trying to peg others on the scuba gear and their hair!  When we weren’t diving everyone got in groups of 2 and … Read More

Volunteering in Bahamas

Update from our volunteers: Bahamas Week 7

Monday The day started with the sad fact that Hannah left our camp family. After breakfast we helped to clear up the mangroves. It was awesome and it felt good to help the environment.  Also the boys had a ton of fun using the machetes. We picked up a ridiculous amount of trash and then we headed back for lunch. … Read More