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Program: Europe Tour Location: UK, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands Duration: 2 or 4 weeks   Ever heard anyone say, “last summer I went traveling around Europe. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done!”? If you’re in need of a little adventure before, during, or after college, then a European summer may to be … Read More

Europe Tour

Vienna Was An Absolute Fairytale

Train ride to Florence was eventful – we had an altercation with train conductor as we hadn’t signed out tickets and he wouldn’t let us sign them there and then…

Tower Bridge in London

Expert Dart Players In London

On our first day in London the group went shopping on Oxford street, saw the Rosetta stone in the British museum (which is free!!) then walked over Tower Bridge and saw Buckingham palace. Even though it…

Summer Europe Tour Gap Year

The Best Hot Chocolate In The World

I was never sure of what to expect from a 25 day backpacking trip through Europe, but my first week was phenomenal. Walking out of Kings Cross into London was unreal. You never see architecture that old and different back at home in America. Our first night together as a group was particularly…

This Is What Authentic Italian Pizza Tastes Like

While I say this for every city we visit, Florence is definitely my favourite thus far.
The girls in my room – Emily, Lauren, Hollie and Jewell – and two of the guys – Noel and Noel (yes, there are two guys with the same name on this trip) – all went out for breakfast together…

Europe 2015

Day 22: We woke up early to catch our train at 8:47. 4 of us went to the other station nearby our hostel and grabbed some breakfast. We all headed to the other train station to catch our train to Hannover where our connection to Amsterdam is 12 minutes later. We took the connecting train to Amsterdam where it was cold, … Read More

Europe Tour

Day 14: We woke up and 5 of us got ready to go to Pompeii for the second escape day. We travelled twice as long as we were supposed to as trains kept being delayed, but eventually we got to Pompeii which was incredible. We wandered around the ruins of Pompeii and then travelled back to  Rome. The other members … Read More

Europe Tour 2015

Day 10: We woke up early, grabbed breakfast from the bakery a couple stores down and headed for our train to Milan where we caught our connecting train to Florence. We had a long hot walk to the hostel but it was the best hostel yet-a small kitchen, washer, fridge, freezer and air conditioning! After we settled in we walked … Read More